9 nov

voltairenet.org – According to ”Newsweek,” Turkey is helping Islamic State

In its issue of 7 November 2014, Newsweek published the testimony by a jihadist affiliated with the Islamic State [1]. It attests to an agreement allowing IS fighters to cross the border. It also discloses that the IS commanders speak Turkish and communicate continuously by radio with the Turkish authorities. Finally, it highlights the fact that the Turkish military help the IS to fight the Kurds.
In the same article, a PYG official affirms that Turkey’s support doesn’t end there; it also provides weapons to the Islamic State.

Pepe Escobar and Thierry Meyssan talk about ISIS – från voltairenet.org

Brandon Turbeville – US: “Stop ISIS By Attacking Assad’s Oil Pipelines!”

As Maram Susli writes for New Eastern Outlook,
The trouble with this justification for destroying Syria’s oil pipelines, is that ISIS does not have the capability to use the pipelines to transfer oil. ISIS transports the stolen oil on the back of trucks, and sells it on the black market in Turkey.

Maaloula Slowly Recovers as Devastation Persists for 6 Months since Terrorist Invasion
Six months after the US-backed ”Free Syrian Army” (FSA) – aided by militants from the al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) – invaded the serene mountain town of Maaloula in Syria’s Qalamoun mountainous region, signs of the town’s devastation still persist till today. Many ancient religious centers have suffered considerable damage by the fighting between the terrorists and the Syrian Army.

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