24 maj

nsnbc.me – China – Russia Veto Referral of Syria to the ICC

China and Russia vetoed a draft Security Council resolution on the referral of Syria to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. The French – Lithuanian drafted resolution was proposed less than two weeks before the upcoming presidential elections in Syria.

The French Lithuanian drafted attempt to refer Syria to the ICC comes despite the fact that an overwhelming body of evidence proves, that the subversion of Syria has been planned and implemented since 2007, with Qatar, the UK, USA, Turkey and Israel being the primary initiator and sponsors of the armed insurgents.
It is noteworthy that the call to refer Syria to the ICC came less than two weeks before presidential elections in Syria, scheduled for June 3. Israel denies Syrians in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights to cast their votes in the elections.

UN Security Council: French Government Accused of Crimes against the Syrian People

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Tim Anderson – Syrian Elections: Democratic Reform Undermines US-NATO Agenda

nsnbc.me – Syria: Free and Fair Elections Despite Western Sabotage, People of Syria Take Back the Stolen Arab Spring in Presidential Elections

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