11 maj

I en ny intervju med Åke Sellström, han som ledde FN’s inspektörer för kemiska vapen, gör han ungefär så starka uttalanden han kan i sin position om att den officiella versionen av vad som hände i utkanten av Damaskus den 20:e augusti förra året, har lite att göra med verkligheten!

ipsnews.net – U.N. Probe Chief Doubtful on Syria Sarin Exposure Claims – hela intervjun som pdf – http://www.cbrneworld.com/_uploads/download_magazines/Sellstrom_Feb_2014_v2.pdf

Sellstrom has suggested that many people who claimed to have been seriously affected by Sarin merely imagined that they had suffered significant exposure to the chemical.

Press TV – US delivering antitank missiles to militants in Syria: Report

The United States is providing antitank missiles to foreign-backed militants in Syria as the government of President Bashar al-Assad is set to beat the three-year-old deadly insurgency, a report says.
The BGM-71 TOW (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided) missiles are surfacing in Syria as part of a ”pilot program” to boost the morale of the downhearted militants, The Times Herald reported on Friday, citing a US official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

rt.com – ‘Pilot program’ revealed: Washington sends missiles to Syrian rebels

Ismail Salami – Has America Lost its Proxy War on Syria? What Now?

Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of Iran and Russia, Syria is gradually recuperating a callous crisis wrought by Washington and its regional Arab puppets.
According to an agreement brokered by the UN, Russia and Iran, foreign-backed militants left the Syrian city of Homs on Thursday and the city is now fully under the full control of government forces.
“Old Homs is totally clean of armed terrorist groups,” a banner on Syrian TV read.
“What has been achieved was a result of efforts that lasted for months starting through evacuating hundreds of civilians from the Old City and settling the cases of nearly 820 gunmen who have given up and handed over their weapons to authorities,” said the provincial governor, Talal al-Barazi.
A country hitherto reduced to desperation and dereliction, Syria has sustained wounds which will take years to heal. Barely is there now any hope whatsoever for removing President Bashar al-Assad from power and installing a US-friendly regime instead in the country.
That is a fact we can’t deny and nor can Washington.

voltairenet.org – Arab League cancels indefinitely emergency meeting on Syria

The Arab League has canceled sine die the emergency meeting of foreign ministers which it had convened for 12 May 2014 to examine the situation in Syria.
The meeting was scheduled at the request of Saudi Arabia who has withdrawn it following the recent liberation of Homs. French, Saudi and U.S. officers trained and supervised the jihadists who blockaded the old city for more than two years.
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