6 april

nsnbc.me – Lavrov: Linking a Geneva III Conference on Syria to “Assad Must Go Demands” Unacceptable

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, denounced western countries for their failure to condemn terrorism in Syria, the shelling of Lattakia to obstruct chemical weapons transports, and the ethnic cleansing of Armenian Syrians in the city of Kessab. Lavrov stressed that linking a Geneva III Conference to demands that Assad must go is unacceptable.

voltairenet.org – UN Security Council refuses to condemn Turkey-backed attack on Kassab

The Russian delegation to the United Nations said the Security Council refused to take a stand on the attack perpetrated against Kassab, thereby unveiling the support of several of its members for the actions of Al-Qaeda.

Ghaleb Kandil – An American plan for a long war against Syria

The objective of the efforts deployed by the United States, with NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, is to bleed Syria and prevent its recovery, since that alliance has realized that the fall of the regime and the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad are impossible.

Sara Elizabeth Williams – Learning to Fight Like an American at the FSA Training Camp in Jordan

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