28 mars

Russia Today – YouTube ban: How Turkish officials conspired to stage Syria attack to provoke war

“I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey.” This leaked conversation is coming back to haunt the highest echelons of the Turkish government as it plans a provocation in Syria, while scrambling to contain social media internally.

Russia Today – Turkey shuts off YouTube after ‘Syria invasion plan’ leak


Hela det läckta samtalet utskrivet här – http://tl.gd/n_1s15hj6

Tony Cartalucci – NATO’s Plans for False Flag Attack on Turkey?

It has been revealed that NATO has been planning a false flag attack against Turkey to justify the Turkish invasion of northern Syria …

Tony Cartalucci – Turkey Vs. Syria: NATO’s Last Gasp?

The facts on the ground combined with the West’s deferral to propaganda ploys rather than demonstrable success in Syria indicates that this latest push in Latakia in the north and Daraa in the south will end as all other pushes have – in defeat for the West’s proxy forces and with the Syrian military inching closer to total victory.

nsnbc.me – Turkey blocks Youtube after leaked war plans against Syria – Full Transcript and Video

The Turkish government has blocked Youtube, only hours after the publication of leaked audio in which Foreign Minister Davotoglu, Intelligence Chief Fidan and Military Top Bras discuss war plans against Syria. The Foreign Ministry recognized the authenticity of the recording and called it a wretched attack. The conversation focuses on launching a false flag attack to create a pretext for an aggression against Syria.

nsnbc.me – NATO’s Secret Drone War in Syria – Turkish Drone Allegedly Downed by Syrian Army

While Turkish and Western – backed Jihadists in the region around Kassab are on the run from the Syrian armed forces, an MP for Turkey’s largest opposition party CHP alleged that the Syrian Army has drowned a Turkish drone over Kassab.

Mimi Al Laham – NATO Backed Al Qaeda Atrocities Continue in Northern Syria. UN Turns a Blind Eye

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