15 mars

nsnbc.me – Syria on the Road towards a Syrian Peace, a Syrian Victory and a Syrian Reform

On Friday, a conference, titled “Syria: Road Towards Peace” was held at the UN in Geneva, on the occasion of the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council, organized by NGOs with support from the Russian UN Representation at the UN Palais des Nations in Geneva. Although omitted in Western and Gulf-Arab media, Syria has a broad spectrum of parties and organizations who denounce violence and aim at peaceful reconciliation, elections and reform. Meanwhile, thousands of Syrians marched for peace in the Syrian city of Deir Ez-Zor, adding to the string of protests against state-sponsored terrorism and the steady increase in Syrian gunmen who were caught up in the fighting, who surrender themselves to Syrian authorities to clear their files and return to a normal life with the lives, honor and freedom intact.

Press TV – Syria forces enter militant-held Yabroud town

Syria’s government forces have entered the last major stronghold of foreign-backed militants near the Lebanese border as they continue their push to free more areas.
Syrian forces entered the eastern districts of the town of Yabroud on Saturday, Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television reported.

voiceofrussia.com – Syrian chemical weapons to be completely removed by April 13

Syria’s chemical weapons that should be destroyed outside the country could be removed by April 13, a Russian Foreign Ministry official said on Friday, adding there was no need to adjust the timeframe.
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