26 feb


Hoppas att han har rätt…
english.farsnews.com – Analyst: Battle of Southern Syria Propaganda Campaign of US, Saudi Arabia

A senior Syrian political analyst underlined that Saudi Arabia and the United States have launched a media propaganda about the military operations of the military forces trained by them in Jordan in a move to make up for their failures in Syria.
“The terrorist groups in Southern Syria are publicizing that they will begin a war under the title of ‘Battle for a Way to Damascus’ in line with propaganda by the US and Saudi Arabia while they (the militants) are unable to do anything,” Salim Harba told FNA on Tuesday.
He stressed that the victories of the Syrian army in Yabroud and Qalamoun in Damascus countryside and also the army’s continuous advances in Aleppo have all enraged the militants.
“Saudi Arabia has reached the end of the road in the Syria battle, because this country does not have the military knowledge and it only executes the US orders,” Harba said.

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Press TV – Russia worried by Saudi’s plan for Syria militants

Russia has raised concerns about Saudi Arabia’s plans to provide the militants in Syria with advanced arms.
In a statement released on Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it is worried about reports that Riyadh is seeking to arm the foreign-backed militants in Syria with man-portable air defense systems (MPADS).
Reports say Riyadh is in talks with Pakistan to buy anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons for the militants.
We are seriously concerned about the mass media reports citing gulfnews.com and saying that Saudi Arabia is willing to provide the Syrian opposition with MPADS and anti-tank systems made in Pakistan,” the statement said.
It warned that such deals are meant to tip the balance of power in favor of the militants.
This deal will change the balance of power in favor of Syrian opposition militants who began their attacks on Damascus last spring from the southern territories,” the statement added.
It also noted that this would provide the armed extremist groups with better military capability in their planned attack on the capital Damascus in spring.
  1. #1 av Veritas på 1 mars, 2014 - 08:51

    Videon om zionist lobby AIPAC som Google vill inte visa i namns av ”yttrandefrihet”. Däremot tillåt man en anti-muslimiska video visas i namn av, juste, yttrandefrihet.

    Vem ligger bakom Kiev fascisterna?

    Samma krafter som ligger bakom terroristerna och kannibalerna som begår fruktansvärda brott i Syrien


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