20 feb

CrossTalk: Geneva 2 Intentional Failure?

nsnbc.me – Now Official: Israel supports Al-Qaeda from the Occupied Syrian Golan

In June 2013 an Austrian UNDOF officer warned that Israel maintains a joint operations room with “jihadists” in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan and provides active combat support against the Syrian Army. Earlier this year, Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, publicly called for “settling Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights within the framework of the Israeli – Palestinian negotiations” . On 19 February, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited a field hospital for “wounded Syrians” in the occupied Golan. The “wounded Syrians”, however, are predominantly fighters under the banners of Al-Qaeda linked brigades.

US Intelligence and Arab Allies Meet in Washington: “Secret Arrangements” to Topple Syrian Government, Channel Support to Al Qaeda

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