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Press TV – Syria talks broken off with no result: Brahimi

UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi says negotiations to resolve the Syrian crisis have broken off without any result and no date has been set for another round.

Press TV – Obama threatens Syrian president with more pressure

US President Barack Obama has threatened that he will step up pressure on the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Obama’s threat came after he hosted King Abdullah II of Jordan at the Sunnylands retreat in Palm Springs, California, where the two discussed, among other things, the unrest in Syria.

Press TV – US to rethink options on Syria: Kerry

Kerry said on Friday that Obama “has asked all of us to think about various options that may or may not exist.”
The US secretary of state added that evaluation by necessity is occurring at this time and new options will be presented to the president when he calls for them.
“And when these options are ripe and when the president calls for it, there will undoubtedly be some discussion about them,” Kerry stated.

english.farsnews.com – Syrian Army Defeating Rebels. US has Boosted its Support to Al Qaeda Terrorists

The Syrian army has triumphed in the recent battle in Yabroud in Damascus countryside, informed military sources said, adding that the army is only a few days away from concluding the battle in Al-Qalamoun region as well.

nsnbc.me – Saudi Arabia to supply Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Mercenaries in Syria

Wall Street Journal misinformation covers up direct US control over which weapons can and cannot be introduced by mercenary field commanders.

nsnbc.me – Russia – Egypt – Syria: The Emergence of a New Strategic Alliance

voiceofrussia.com – Syrian minister says UN aid chief’s comments ‘absolutely unacceptable’

”Mrs Amos, in many of her statements does not recognise that there is terrorism in Syria and there are terrorist organisations which are hindering the movement of goods and humanitarian assistance to many parts of Syria in addition to ignoring very important places where the assistance should go.”

voiceofrussia.com – Syrian peace talks: what tactic could show its effectiveness? Professor Samir Saul, a Mideast and international relations analyst who Teaches History at the University of Montreal

It’s obvious that Russia will continue to support the Syrian government and hope that eventually the other side will understand that this warfare is leading nowhere, that it’s not achieving any political results, and the only possibility is to negotiate in Geneva, and do it quickly, before the eventual presidential election that could take place or should take place in Syria this year. And if they do, the likelihood is that Bashar Assad will win the election. So the US itself cannot prolong this war indefinitely

voiceofrussia.com – Most rebels left Syria’s Yarmuk – Palestinian official

Press TV – West calling colonizers back to Syria: Sukant Chandan video

Press TV has conducted an interview with Sukant Chandan, a political analyst and film maker, from London, about the situation in Syria.

Sharmine Narwani. “65 Armenians have been killed since the Syrian crisis began”

Armenian journalist Narine Daneghyan interviews Sharmine Narwani about the sectarian aspects of the Syria war for the Armenian publication Mediamax.

What is disturbing today is the staggering amount of financial assistance flowing to sectarian groups and individuals, both in and out of the Middle East. Part of this comes from the «politics of polarization» – what you might find in an Iranophobic Saudi Arabia or a Shia-hating Pakistani donor. But the real shocker is how far countries like the United States, Great Britain and France have been willing to go to isolate, marginalize, destabilize and destroy adversaries (Syria, Iran, Hezbollah) – even if it has meant investing heavily in sectarianism to make those gains…

moonofalabama.org – Real Or Propaganda? New Weapons To Syrian Mercenaries

sverigesradio.se – Uppgifter om dödade svenskar i Syrien

Två svenskar har enligt uppgifter i GT dödats i strider i norra Syrien de senaste dagarna.
Flera andra svenskar ska ha skadats och förts till sjukhus i Turkiet.
Dödsfallen har inte bekräftats av utrikesdepartementet.
Säkerhetspolisen har tidigare uppgett att omkring 75 personer åkt från Sverige till Syrien för att delta i strider där. Omkring 15 av dem har dödats i striderna.
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