13 feb

nsnbc.me – Counterterrorism added to Agenda of Geneva II – Syrian People March against Terrorism

The Syrian delegation to the Geneva II conference succeeded in putting counterterrorism on top of the agenda of the talks about the country. Thousands of Syrians in major cities defied all dangers and turned out to protest against terrorism and to voice their support of the Syrian military and the government’s fight against the menace of foreign-backed terrorists.

voiceofrussia.com –US trying to force in counterproductive resolution against Syria – Russian FM – Press TV – US distorting Russia stance on Syria: Moscow

‘This is another attempt to misinform the international community and create a background for forcing in an unbalanced and counterproductive resolution through the UN Security Council,’ Lukashevich said answering the media questions in connection with US President Obama’s statements on Syrian issues made at a joint press-conference with French President Francois Hollande.

Press TV – UN must rewrite draft resolution on Syria: Expert

Press TV has conducted an interview with Franklin Lamb, international lawyer, about Russia saying it will block a current United Nations Security Council draft resolution that would impose more sanctions on Syria.

Pres. Assad’s advisor: War imposed on Syria to change regional balance

Michel Chossudovsky – Media Disinformation. British Citizens Fighting for Al Qaeda in Syria involved in “Executions and Acts of Torture”

sverigesradio.se – Sångförbud i norra Syrien

Ett förbud mot att sjunga och spela musik i bilar, på fester, i affärer och på allmänna platser har införts i norra Syrien.
Det är den islamistiska rebellgruppen ISIL, kort för Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant, som har tagit kontrollen över regionen Raqqa.

sverigesradio.se – Sverige ger en miljon till Syriens opposition

McCain Explodes at Syrian Christians Who Describe Atrocities Committed By Rebels He Wants to Arm

Hell-bent on arming opposition forces in Syria—despite strong evidence that they’re run by Islamic terrorists—John McCain displayed behavior unbecoming of a United States Senator during a recent meeting with Syrian Christian leaders touring Capitol Hill.
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