12 feb

nsnbc.me – Syrian Government rejects Talks with “Coalition” before Counterterrorism tops the Agenda

The second round of the Geneva II talks, today, stalled when the delegation of the foreign-backed “opposition” rejected to include counterterrorism in the agenda. Meanwhile, the delegation of the Syrian government asserts that the delegation has begun discussing the issue of terrorism and that it will continue to do so until a common national project for counterterrorism is reached.

Press TV – Russia slams UN move on Syria as one-sided

Russia has lashed out at the UN Security Council over a draft resolution that would impose more sanctions on Syria unless the government gives unrestricted access to aid delivery.
“Indeed, our Western partners in the [UN] Security Council addressed us and offered to work together to draft this resolution. However, the ideas that they shared with us are absolutely one-sided and divorced from fact,” Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov said at a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday.

alalam.ir – Russian diplomat: Syria militants have no resource of their own

Head of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee says Syria militants can keep going in their war as long as they receive backup from foreigners.

alalam.ir – Exclusive: Keys to Syria war given from Qatar to Saudi Arabia

Bouthaina Shaaban, Syrian president’s political and media advisor, says the United States has adopted a hypocritical stance toward Syria, but it calls it a “policy” which we now witness is showing signs of failure.
Speaking at an exclusive interview with Al-Alam in Syrian capital Damascus Shaaban said, the United States is struggling to make an exit for itself from the chaos it has been leading in Syria which not only targeted Syria, but was also aimed at “changing the image of the region”.
“Since three years ago and start of the extensive war on Syria, we saw that international criteria have changed; that’s why I think the result of this war is going to show which axis is more powerful and will stay in the region… The result will as well determine characteristics of the regional balance,” she said.

James F. Tracy – The Corporate Media’s Dubious Syria Coverage

Western news media reportage on the rampant criminal activities of foreign-backed paramilitary groups operating within Syria still relies heavily on unreliable sources frequently referred to as “activists.” Such spokespersons routinely claim the Syrian military are committing atrocities against the Syrian population. The reports are often disputed by the Bashar al-Assad government and proven suspect or false when additional information is unearthed by independent researchers and alternative news media.

Brad Hoff – Syria: Christian City Attacked by “Freedom Fighters”. CNN, NYT Justify Rebel Assault, Saidnaya under rebel attack

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