10 feb

voiceofrussia.com – Brahimi to open second round of Geneva-2 talks to end crisis in Syria

Syria’s warring sides headed Monday into a new round of peace talks in Geneva, 10 days after a debut session that ended with the agreement to evacuate civilians from the besieged city of Homs. After government and opposition delegates arrived at their Geneva hotels Sunday, they held separate closed-door meetings with UN and Arab League mediator Lakhdar Brahimi.

Press TV – Militants commit massacre in Syrian village

Foreign-backed militants in Syria have taken control of an Alawite village in the province of Hama, massacring a number of people there.
On Sunday, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which relies on a network of spies working for the foreign-backed opposition, said the militants killed 25 pro-government fighters in the village of Maan.
However, Syrian officials said the victims were mainly women and children and accused the extremists of committing a massacre in the village.
”This massacre isn’t the first,” Social Affairs Minister Kinda al-Shamat said, adding that similar attacks had occurred during the nearly three-year unrest.

Syria: Al Qaeda Terrorists Fired Mortar Shells to Derail Homs U.N. Relief Efforts, 611 civilians Evacuated from Homs old city

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