6 feb

Press TV – US increased funding to Syria militants after Geneva II

Insurgents fighting against the Syrian government say that the US government has increased direct funding to them after the Geneva II talks ended last week.
According to Syria’s foreign-backed opposition, US officials were handing hundreds of thousands of dollars to insurgent commanders in Jordan as the Syrian opposition and government officials were negotiating in Geneva last week.

Press TV – Damascus warns Baku over militants: Report

A report says the Syrian government has warned Azerbaijan over the number of Azerbaijani militants who have joined foreign-backed Takfiri groups inside Syria.

sana.sy – Shaaban: Solving crisis depends on Int’l will to stop backing terrorism.. Jaafari: Our main problem is with operators of coalition delegation

” The U.S. Ambassador, Robert Ford, was leading the coalition delegation called ‘the opposition’, and it seems that those constituting the delegation have become convinced that they should send more experienced delegates to be capable to face the Syrian delegation,” she added.
Shaaban expressed hope to see a national opposition that is keen on Syria and interested in halting bloodshed but not only to merely broaden the number of the coalition delegation.
She clarified that the real reason behind the crisis in Syria is a result of regional and international interfering factors in Syria’s affairs. ”Fore instance, when the Turkish government pitched tents on its land before the occurrence of any displacement cases and when Qatar initiated, through the Arab League, to propose interfering resolutions and internationalize the issue.”
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