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Press TV – US, Israel plan to occupy south Syria: Report

An independent Jordanian news agency says the United States and the Israeli regime are working on a joint plan to occupy southern Syria.
The JBC News said the militant groups, which the US calls moderate opposition, will help occupy two regions in southern Syria.
The regions will then unite to finally create a security belt around Israel.
The report said the groups picked by Washington will be equipped with US-made arms such as Tow anti-tank missiles.
They will also be provided with intelligence gathered by Israeli and US spying agencies.

Press TV – Washington’s Syria-bound weapons arrive in Jordan

A US airplane loaded with weapons and ammunition for foreign-backed militants fighting in Syria has landed in neighboring Jordan, local media reveal.
Jordanian media said the weapons cargo was unloaded in the Mafraq Airport, some 80 kilometers north of capital, Amman.
It has also been disclosed that a new batch of 1,500 gunmen have completed training in a center there for fighting in Syria and are now ready to join thousands of other foreign-backed militants in the war-torn country.

nsnbc.me – Lavrov: USA Cannot Give Syria Ultimatum

Russian FM Sergei Lavrov has stepped forward to stand against the pressure being brought to bear against the Syrian government, saying that it was not for the USA to give Syria an ultimatum.
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