27 jan


nsnbc.me – Syria’s “so-called” Opposition rejects Communiqué for Democratic Syria

The foreign-backed opposition at the Geneva II conference on Syria has rejected a communiqué, issued by the delegation of the Syrian government, that outlined a Syria, based on democratic and pluralistic principles, the rejection of radical, takfiri ideas and extremism, and the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. The rejected communiqué largely represents the principles, outlined in an agreement reached with the domestic, Syrian opposition, during the three year-long, national dialog.

Interview With Assad Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban

Former Dutch soldier trains jihad fighters in Syria: Nieuwsuur

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nsnbc.me – Geneva II: Lavrov, “No Deal With Terrorists Under Any Circumstance”

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has emphasized Russia’s red line with regards to terrorism, saying that “a dialog with terrorist groups fighting in Syria will not be held under any circumstance”. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani backed up Russia’s position in an interview on CNN, saying that “the first step for solving the crisis in Syria lies in expelling terrorists”. Meanwhile, UN/AL envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi has held talks with both the Syrian government’s and the foreign-backed opposition and indicates that talks continue in Geneva on Monday.

Press TV – Army repels militant attack in Damascus, kills 100

The army’s counterattack prevented the insurgents from cutting a main highway, which links Damascus to the city of Daraa in southwestern Syria, just north of the border with Jordan.

Geneva II conference achievements so far

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