26 jan

syriatimes.sy – Syrian official delegation: ”opposition” admits they have no control over armed groups

The Syrian official delegation asked the coalition delegation to present a clear image of the gunmen they have control over in the Syrian territories; however the “opposition” delegation did not present anything and said that they have no control over the armed groups, and they can only contact themselves.
Here,the official delegation asked Brahimi how can the coalition delegation guarantee the implementation of any agreement.

nsnbc.me – Erdogan client of the law firm that produced “Syria Torture Photos”

Syrian negotiators at the Geneva-2 conference claim that the torture pictures disclosed two days before the conference are faked. A spokesman for Turkey’s largest opposition party (CHP) states, that the law office, which presented the pictures also represents Turkey’s Prime Minister, R. Tayyip Erdog(an.

“Get the Syrian People out of the Catastrophe imposed by the Neo-colonial Powers”, Syrian Government’s Mission. Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad Statement at Geneva 2 Peace Talks

UN Sponsored Intrigues at the Syria Peace Talks. Ban Ki-moon Dirty Tricks

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