23 jan


nsnbc.me – Syrian “Domestic” Opposition Could Join Geneva II

The domestic Syrian opposition may be invited to the Geneva II conference after all. Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said that he had the impression that all of Russia’s partners, including the USA, understand the importance of the Syrian domestic opposition joining the dialog about the crisis in Syria.

Press TV – Political settlement with terrorists impossible: Syria envoy

The Syrian ambassador to the United Nations says it is impossible to reach a political settlement with terrorists, who are fighting against the government.
“We need all to put an end to the terrorism and the violence because the political settlement cannot go hand-in-hand with the terrorism,” Bashar al-Ja’afari said in a press conference after the first day of the Geneva II conference came to an end in the Swiss city of Montreux on Wednesday.

voiceofrussia.com – Report on Assad’s tortures in Syria ‘full of inconstistencies’ – expert

The Syrian Justice Ministry has flatly denied Wednesday all the accusations set forward in a new report (Caution: 18+), released by CNN on Monday, suspecting the Assad regime of systematic torture and killing, including starvation, violent beatings, and strangulation of thousands of inmates and detainees in Syrian prisons. Marinella Correggia, an anti-war campaigner, activist and journalist talked with the Voice of Russia about the report and the identity of the author behind it.

Press TV – KSA seeks total destruction of Syria: Redwan Rizk

Press TV has conducted an interview with Redwan Rizk, a political commentator, from Beirut, about the ongoing crisis in Syria.
Below is a rough transcription of the interview.
Press TV: According to the testimony provided by these defected insurgents, it seems that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding nothing but anarchy on Syrian soil. What do you make of that?
Rizk: I think the interest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar is to prolong the war in Syria, so they have their own plan to come to a total destruction of Syria.
But the government of Syria has shown very strong positions. In the long distance run, we can say and we can be sure that the government will win the war. It’s just the consequences of this war. It’s going to take time. It might take years, another couple of years before we can see a total cleansing of Syria from those terrorists.

Press TV – Footage shows Syria ‘FSA’ militants defecting ranks

Militants from the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) are defecting from their ranks and joining the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, new footage coming out of Syria shows.

rt.com – Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists impose Islamic rules, ban music, shisha in Syrian province

Pepe Escobar – Syria and the Geneva 2 charade

Bouthaina Shaaban, rådgivare till Syriens president intervjuas av CNN

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nsnbc.me – Geneva II: Diplomacy as Continuation of War on Syria with Additional Means

The opening round of the Geneva II conference descended into a staggering display of political brinkmanship, and established beyond reasonable doubt, that the anti-Syrian alliance agreed to hold the conference because it presents the opportunity to continue the military aggression with additional, diplomatic means, by introducing the Responsibility to Protect and Humanitarian Corridors in support of a military solution.

Webster Tarpley – NATO Anti-Syrian Front Fracturing on Eve of Geneva Conference as Spain, Great Britain, France, and Germany Appeal to Assad tor Help Against Terrorists; Saudi-Backed Rebels Still Blocking Food Deliveries to Yarmouk Palestinians

“We the Syrian People”, A Message to Geneva 2 and the ”International Community”

Ajamu Baraka – Syria Peace Conference: The Obama Administration’s Orwellian Subterfuge

In the long annuls of crimes by U.S. and Western imperialism, the slow, protracted destruction of the Syrian state, including the tens of thousands of lives sacrificed, is starting to emerge as one of its most significant crimes. It can be listed with crimes like the Christmas season carpet bombing of North Vietnam in 1972 and the millions murdered in Iraq during the period of sanctions and full-blown military attack.
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