18 jan

Det låter som att de som drar i trådarna till den här spelaren är ute efter att sabotera en uppgörelse –
Press TV – No future Syria with Assad in power: Kerry

The US Secretary of State John Kerry has insisted that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has no place in Syria’s future, not ruling out Washington’s increasing pressure on the Syrian head of state.
”…There is no political solution whatsoever if Assad is not discussing a transition and if he thinks he is going to be part of that future. It is not going to happen,” Kerry said in Washington on Friday.
We are also not out of options with respect to what we may be able to do to increase the pressure and further change the calculus,” he added.

Press TV – Syria opposition votes to take part in Geneva II talks

The foreign-backed Syrian opposition has voted in favor of taking part in the upcoming Geneva II conference, aimed at paving the way for the resolution of the crisis in the Arab country.

Press TV – Russia steps up military aid to Syrian government

According to a Reuters report, the Syrian army has been receiving supplies of military gear, including armored vehicles, drones and precision-guided bombs, surveillance equipment, radars and electronic warfare systems since December last year.
”Dozens of Antonov 124s (Russian transport planes) have been bringing in armored vehicles, surveillance equipment, radars, electronic warfare systems, spare parts for helicopters, and various weapons including guided bombs for planes,” the report quoted a Middle East security source as saying.
The new Russian supplies come at a critical stage of the conflict in the Arab country, with Syria peace talks scheduled for next week in Geneva, the foreign-backed militants losing ground, and Western support for the rebels weakening.
Russia says its arms deals with Syria do not violate international law and it is only selling defensive systems to Damascus.

Webster Tarpley Debates Syria Issues on PressTV – 1/15/2014 – finns utskrivet på youtube-sidan

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