15 jan

nsnbc.me – Syria asserts Position of Strength before Geneva II

The Syrian government has asserted a position of strength, representing the de facto defeat of the foreign – backed mercenary brigades, and denounced attempts by “friends of Syria” and the “opposition” on Sunday in Paris, to make decisions on behalf of the Syrian people. Meanwhile, US and Russian diplomacy continues preparations for the Geneva II meeting, scheduled for 22 January.

Press TV – US in awkward position regarding Syria: Daoud Khairallah

So the US finds itself in a very awkward position now and it has let the Saudis to continue sponsoring forces on the ground and no one seems to have control and that is why I think one of the major challenges, who can command those armed opposition on the ground and have its command obeyed and in fact maintaining some kind of ceasefire anywhere they decide that it should be done.

‘For peaceful solution in Syria we need Iran at Gevena-2’Hillary Mann Leverett, an expert on Iran and US foreign policy, joins RT

larouche.se – 4000-5000 Europeiska jihadister i Syrien

Det uppskattade antalet europeiska jihadister som strider mot Syriens regering fortsätter att växa. Nu bedömer belgiska underrättelsetjänstemän att 4000-5000 européer strider i Syrien …
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