14 jan

Alex Lantier – Paris Conference on Syria: US, European Allies Renew Push for Regime-Change

Jarba did indicate, however, that he was pleased by the tone of the discussions and the renewed focus on regime-change. “We all agreed there is no future for Bashar al-Assad and his family in Syria. His departure is inevitable,” he said.
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said, “It’s the regime of Bashar al-Assad that is feeding terrorism. We must bring that regime to an end.”
Such statements by Fabius are a cynical attempt to cover up a politically criminal policy being pursued by the major imperialist powers, which have deliberately stoked up a sectarian civil war in Syria in which NATO and the Persian Gulf sheikhdoms have relied on Sunni Islamist terrorist organizations tied to Al Qaeda. Having nearly gone to war to rescue these forces from defeat last September, the US and its co-conspirators are moving to reorganize the Al Qaeda-linked opposition so as to align it more directly with American foreign policy.

voiceofrussia.com – Syria warns against conditions for Geneva peace talks

Syria warned on Monday against preconditions for peace talks in Switzerland next week, a day after an opposition leader said President Bashar al-Assad’s departure was ”inevitable”.
”Any person who seeks preconditions or mistakes their dreams for reality is leading to the failure of the Geneva conference before it even starts,” Syrian state media quoted a foreign ministry source as saying.

Michel Chossudovsky på Russia Today- Who is Behind the Terrorists in Syria? The “Geneva-2 Talks are an Exercise in Shadow Fake Diplomacy”

Michel Chossudovsky: I think the fundamental issue is to address the nature of the conflict. The Syrian National Council is virtually a defunct organization. They have been meeting in Spain with other opposition groups but in effect we have to ask a question:
‘Is this a civil war between opposing factions within Syrian society or is it in fact a war of aggression?’

Willy Van Damme – The Syria Sarin Nerve Gas Attack. Questions Human Rights Watch Refuses to Answer

Press TV – Syria army secures Aleppo International Airport

Syrian government forces have tightened the noose around foreign-backed militants in the countryside of Aleppo city, establishing the security of Aleppo International Airport.

Journalist Joshua Blakeney interviewed Sydney University’s Dr Tim Anderson and Hands Off Syria’s Jasmine Saadat about their recent visit to Syria where they met with Syrian officials including the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. …
The interview was recorded on January 12, 2014.

Intervju med Rick Rozoff – voiceofrussia.com – Russian/Chinese prevention of Syrian invasion: historic event – Rick Rozoff

Russia Today, 9 januari, intervju med Manuel Ochsenreiter – Moderate Syrian opposition are ‘phantoms,’ have no influence on the ground

RT: The opposition forces have said they have not decided yet whether to take part in the upcoming peace conference in Geneva. What’s holding them back?
MO: The point is that, in my opinion, the term Syrian opposition is as wrong as it could be. These groups are neither Syrian, nor in opposition. So they don’t have, in their interests, the benefit of the people or of the country. These groups are very often influenced by foreign countries, they are mouthpieces.
Foreign militia groups fighting inside the country are financed by the West, by Turkey, by the Gulf monarchies. These are not Syrian groups and these are not opposition. They are not political groups working inside the country. We have to imagine or see those groups more like militant gangs, sort of like the mafia, kidnapping people, killing civilians, occupying industrial complexes and selling the industrial goods to other countries, or stealing them as it happened in the industrial area of Aleppo. That’s where militant groups stole industrial compounds and put them in Turkey.
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