8 jan

Press TV – UN suspends counting deaths in Syria’s conflict

The United Nations says its human rights office has stopped counting the victims of the Syrian conflict, confirming that it can no longer verify the sources of information that led to its last count.

”Gathering casualty figures in Syria has always been an exceptionally difficult exercise,” Rupert Colville, the spokesman for the UNHCR, said on Tuesday.

Press TV – ISIL pledges to ‘crush’ rival militants in Syria

The al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has called for the annihilation of other militant groups fighting against the Syrian government.

voltairenet.org – Erdogan received Al-Qaeda’s banker in secret

The Turkish police launched, on 17 December 2013, a vast anti-corruption operation without informing the government. Unjustifiably large amounts of cash were found during the searches, in particular, at the homes of Egemen Bagis, minister of European Affairs, and Bilal Erdogan, son of the prime minister. Moreover, the sons of Zafer Çaglayan (Minister of Finance), Erdogan Bayraktar, (Minister of Environament and Urban Planning), and Muammer Güler (Minister of the Interior) were taken into custody.
The three ministers have resigned.
The investigation is related to the embezzlement of hundreds of millions of dollars, which were assertedly used to finance the secret war in Syria.

Thierry Meyssan – Al-Qaeda, NATO’s Timeless Tool

The discovery of links connecting Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdog(an and Al- Qaeda is upsetting Turkish politics. Ankara not only actively supported terrorism in Syria, but did so as part of a NATO strategy. For Thierry Meyssan, the case also shows the artificiality of armed groups fighting against the government and the Syrian people.

Press TV – Precondition for Syria talks meaningless: Iran FM

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says any preconditions for Tehran’s presence in the upcoming international talks on Syria crisis will be meaningless.

Phil Greaves – Terrorism with a “Human Face”: Rebranding the Public Image of Syria’s Al Qaeda Brigades

Western corporate media, its Oil and Gas counterparts (GCC), and the various acolytes and paid-propagandists in the “tailored analysis” industry, are once again attempting to bolster and rebrand the public image of the fundamentalist rebels in Syria.

Syrian information minister says any decision at the upcoming Geneva Two conference must be put to a referendum in the country.
Omran Al-Zoubi was speaking to journalists at a news conference in the Syrian capital Damascus. Zoubi said the Geneva conference, that is due on January 22, must be aimed at ending acts of terror in Syria. Zoubi added that his country hopes for Iran’s participation in the conference. He once again accused Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism in Syria. Zoubi also criticized Turkey for allowing insurgents to use its territory against the Arab country, urging Ankara to stop this. He further slammed the U-S for supporting militants in Syria, while claiming to oppose terrorism in neighboring Iraq
Press TV has conducted an interview with James Petras, a Middle East expert from New York, about the issue of Syria and what impact the upcoming Geneva 2 Conference will have on the crisis situation there.

Scott Taylor – Getting a handle on Syria’s complicated reality

It is amazing to see the difference that one year has made in the way in which the Syrian conflict is being portrayed in the western media.

One Dec. 28, it was reported that Assad’s forces had killed Abideh al-Naq, a senior commander in the al-Nusra Front along with 20 of his fighters.
What was interesting about this engagement was how it was described in the western media. Assad’s soldiers were described as “state troops” while al-Nusra was clearly described as an al-Qaida affiliated terrorist organization.
It may be a while before Baird starts bellowing “Assad must stay,” but it would seem that the worm of media demonization in the Syrian conflict is clearly turning.
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