26 dec

Press TV – Syria talks should focus on fighting terrorism: Syria FM

Referring to militant groups fighting against the Syrian government, Muallem went on to say that the international peace talks between Syria’s warring sides should also focus on “compelling the countries which are supporting these groups to stop funding, arming and hosting these groups because ending terrorism in Syria is the basis for the success of any political solution.”

Press TV – Syria militants blow up gas pipeline near Damascus

Foreign-backed Takfiri militants operating inside Syria have blown up a gas pipeline in the countryside of the capital, Damascus, causing blackouts in a southern region.

Sharmine Narwani – “Security Arc” forms amidst Mideast terror

Many observers are correct in noting that the Middle East is undergoing yet another seismic shift – that the Russian-brokered destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, a US-Iranian rapprochement, the diminished strategic value of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and a US withdrawal from Afghanistan will all contribute to changing regional dynamics considerably. But what is this new direction? Where will it come from, who will lead it, what will define it?

nsnbc.me – Saudi High-Level Intelligence behind Liwa-al-Islam Attack on Syrian Chemical Weapons Transport

The involvement of Liwa-al-Islam in the attack on the chemical weapons site outside Damascus, on 21 December, at a time when preparations for a transport were made by the government, in cooperation with the experts of the OPCW and UN, suggests that Liwa-al-Islam has access to extremely sensitive intelligence, which it could not acquire without its close liaison to top-level Saudi Intelligence sources.

voiceofrussia.com – Militants’ raids on chemical weapons storage sites look like preplanned action – Russia

Attacks by Syrian militants on chemical weapons storage facilities look like a pre-planned, determined action, Mikhail Ulyanov, deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department for Security and Disarmament, said on Wednesday.
“There have been frequent attacks by militants on chemical weapons storage sites lately. One gets the impression that this is a determined effort aimed at disrupting the operation,” he said.

Moscow exhibition highlights Syria conflict, The main aim of this exhibition is to tell the truth about the armed conflict in Syria. Several journalists, taking part in the event, have recently visited the crisis-hit Arab nation and collected exclusive photographs and videos.

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