25 dec

‘West trying to ‘flirt’ with Islamic front in Syrian crisis’ – LavrovRT talks to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
Intervjun utskriven som text på Russia Today

voiceofrussia.com – Syria lashes out at US, calling it a ‘one-eyed pirate’

Syria lashed out at the United States Tuesday, describing it as a ”one-eyed pirate.” a day after Washington condemned President Bashar al-Assad’s government over an aerial operation over Aleppo. ”The White House is ignoring the crimes committed by the terrorists,” the state news agency SANA said.
”Meanwhile, it condemns what it describes as ”incessant aerial attacks” by Syrian government forces in Aleppo.”
”Washington is a pirate that only looks with one eye,” said the agency, adding that ”in the areas named by the White House… all you have are groups of Saudis, Qataris and Chechens.”

en.alalam.ir – Nearly 10,000 foreign terrorists killed Syria war

A Salafi movement in Jordan has revealed that nearly 10,000 foreign militants were killed in Syria since the foreign-hatched conflict hit the country in 2011.
The so-called Jordanian Jihadi Salafi Movement said that some 9936 extremist militants from different parts of the world, especially from Tunisia, Libya and Iraq, have been killed during the nearly three years of conflict in Syria, Manama Voice news agency reported on Monday.

Robert Parry – UN Investigator Undercuts New York Times on Syria. Assad Government not Responsible for August 21 Chemical Attack

Amid last summer’s rush to judgment on the Aug. 21 Sarin attack in Syria, the New York Times joined the stampede blaming the Assad regime by pushing a “vector analysis” showing where the rockets supposedly were launched, but now that certainty has collapsed.
Ake Sellstrom, the head of the United Nations mission investigating chemical weapons use in Syria, agrees that the vector analysis – at the heart of the New York Times’ indictment of the Syrian government for the deadly Aug. 21 Sarin gas attack – doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.
In a little-noticed comment at a UN press conference on Dec. 13, Sellstrom disputed claims that the launching point for the two missiles, which were recovered after the Aug. 21 attack, could be traced back following the angles of their final descent until they intersected at a Syrian military base about 9.5 kilometers away.
Swedish scientist Ake Sellstrom, chief of the United Nations mission to inspect chemical weapons use in Syria, stands next to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon chemical weapons investiaSecretary-General speaks to correspondents before his meeting with A*’ke SellströmInstead, Sellstrom said he accepted as accurate other analyses that estimated the range of the rockets at about two kilometers. “Two kilometers could be a fair guess,” he said, noting that the UN team had consulted its own missile experts on the subject. “If you simulate the flight path, it seems not to meet as may be indicated in the report.”
In other words, the lead author of the UN report on the Aug. 21 incident has contradicted the much-touted “vectoring” claims of a New York Times front-page story and Human Rights Watch, which has been pushing for a U.S. military intervention in Syria. Their “vector analysis” of the two flight paths implicated an elite Syrian military unit, the 104th Brigade of the Republican Guard, based northwest of Damascus, near the Presidential Palace.
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