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Patrik Paulov – ”Rebeller hade tillgång till sarin”

I september var USA på väg att bomba Syrien som straff för Assad-regeringens påstådda kemiska attack. Men Barack Obama sade inte ett knyst om att han flera månader tidigare fått varningar om att rebellgrupper i Syrien har tillgång till sarin.
Avslöjandet görs av den amerikanske journalisten Seymour Hersh i London Review of Books. Om artikelförfattaren hade varit någon annan hade detta förmodligen gått spårlöst förbi.

voiceofrussia.com – West views Assad as ”best-case scenario” for SyriaAssad must stay and run for reelection – Western diplomats

Western politicians are beginning to openly acknowledge that President Bashar al-Assad staying in power would be the “best-case scenario” for Syria. Russia has repeatedly warned that Syria might become a breeding ground for Islamist terrorism if the opposition wins. Now it looks like the West is at last awakening to the threat.

voiceofrussia.com – US ambassador says Syria’s biggest rebel alliance rejects talks

The US ambassador to Damascus has said a newly formed Islamist alliance in war-torn Syria has refused to meet with American officials, in an interview aired Wednesday on Al-Arabiya television.
”The Islamic Front has refused to sit with us without giving any reason,” Robert Ford said, a day after US State Secretary John Kerry described as ”possible” a meeting with Syria’s biggest rebel alliance.

voiceofrussia.com – Saudi Arabia ready to act alone without West’s policies

A top Saudi diplomat said on Tuesday the Gulf kingdom was prepared to act on its own to safeguard security in the region, describing the West’s policies on Iran and Syria as a “dangerous gamble.”

voiceofrussia.com – Syria: the end of Christian civilization?

The Syrian city of Homs, the third in the country in terms of population, has almost completely lost its Christian population. Thousands have been killed and about a million have fled. The situation is similar in Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, Latakia and other cities. It is a real religious war, which is being carefully ignored by the world community, thinks Eugeniy Satanovsky, president of the Institute of Middle East

West doesn’t mind if Assad stays as extremists massacre Syria

Amir Azarvan – Misconceptions regarding Politics and Human Rights in War-Torn Syria

Since polling on the Syrian war began, majorities of Americans (some quite large) have consistently expressed their opposition to US military intervention in Syria.
Nevertheless, in the weeks leading up to Syria’s acceptance of Russia’s proposal to place its chemical weapons under international control, many policy makers and much of the mainstream media seemed to be working overtime to reverse these trends. And they did this, in part, by vilifying the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, to almost mythical proportions. It is easier to entertain the idea of dropping bombs on a country that is governed by such a demonized leader.
My objective in this paper is not to build an apology for president Assad. My intention, rather, is to present a more objective view of the Syrian crisis, so that more Americans can form a rational and just position on this conflict. I will do this by critically addressing seven popular conceptions pertaining to the Assad regime.

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Thierry Meyssan – Whither the Syrian ”revolutionaries” ?

On the eve of the Geneva 2 Conference, the American organisers no longer have any puppets to play the role of Syrian revolutionaries. The sudden disappearance of the Free Syrian Army shows those who believed in it that it was a fiction. There has never been a popular revolution in Syria; just foreign aggression staged by mercenaries and billions of dollars.

Indeed, the Free Syrian Army, which a few weeks ago we were told included 40,000 men, has disappeared. After its headquarters was attacked by mercenaries and arsenals were looted, its historic leader, General Salim Idriss, fled through Turkey and found refuge in Qatar.

‘West negotiates with terrorists as Syria atrocities reach new level’ , Michel Chossudovsky. Intervjun utskriven

Webster Tarpley ger sin syn på Syrien-läget i första delen av sin senaste rapport för några dagar sedan.

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