14 dec

consortiumnews.com – Fresh Doubts about Syria’s Sarin Guilt

A new analysis, buried in a UN report, reveals that one of the two missiles at the center of the Syrian chemical weapons crisis, which nearly led to a U.S. military attack, showed no evidence of Sarin, further undermining Official Washington’s certainty that the Syrian government was to blame, reports Robert Parry.

Om FN-gruppen kommit fram till några indikationer på vem som använt kemiska vapen så pekar dessa på att de väpnade grupperna gjort det.
Vilket då föranleder en rubrik som den här i västmedierna – sverigesradio.se – Sellström: ”Svårt peka ut skyldiga till kemattacker”

voiceofrussia.com – Syrian opposition used chemical weapons in a bid to provoke Western invasion – Churkin

Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin has said that chemical attacks in Syria, including the one in Guta on August 21, were staged by the Syrian opposition, which was trying to provoke armed intervention by Western countries.
Churkin was speaking at a meeting of the UN General Assembly behind closed doors on Friday. A transcript of his statement has been circulated by Russia’s permanent mission at the United Nations.
”As is known, the Opposition has always wished to see external armed intervention. It is common knowledge that World War II began with a provocation. A provocation triggered the US war in Vietnam and NATO’s bombardments of Serbia. In this (Syrian) case, there was a provocation involved, too, but a big war was prevented with the well-known initiatives,” Churkin said.
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