28 nov


voltairenet.org – Reorganization of Syrian Contras after exclusion of minorities

While Washington and Moscow are pressing their allies to go to Geneva to negotiate the end of the Syrian war and that the Syrian Arab Army is regaining control over it’s territory, the Contras are reorganizing themselves. The masks are off: it is no longer a question of a pluralist Syria, but of a Wahhabi dictatorship.

The new entity, the Islamic Front, claims to be the largest private army in Syria with 50 000 men..

nsnbc.me – 1 Killed 9 Injured in Terrorist Attack on Russia’s Damascus Embassy

One Person was killed and Nine were injured in a Terrorist Attack on the Russian Embassy in the Syrian Capital Damascus on Thursday. The Attack was carried out with Mortars at about 13:00 o`clock GMT. Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned the Attack on Russia’s Diplomatic Mission as an Act of Terrorism and stressed that the Terrorists and those supporting them must be held accountable.

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voiceofrussia.com – Russian Embassy in Damascus shelled, no casualties reported

voiceofrussia.com – CNN censors Russian Ambassador to UN assessment of Syrian rebel activities

The US CNN TV channel has dropped from its interview with the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations his appeal for the need to take into account the will of the Syrian people, who mostly support the incumbent President Bashar al-Assad, and also Churkin’s statement that the Syrian opposition is stonewalling humanitarian activities, the ITAR-TASS news agency reports.
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