3 nov

voiceofrussia.com – Syria says Kerry statements threaten peace talks

A statement said that repeated comments by Kerry ”threaten to cause the failure of the Geneva conference, are a flagrant violation of Syrian affairs and an aggression against the Syrian people’s right to decide their future.
”Kerry, who is pressing a peace conference in Geneva, said in Cairo on Sunday that Washington and its allies may differ over ”tactics” on the Syrian conflict but they shared the goal of a handover of power.

voiceofrussia.com – Saudi, tired of waiting for US, pushes for independent operation to aid Syrian rebels

Persian Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, are going to strengthen their military support for Syrian rebels and implement policies options independently without the consent of the US. They assume President Obama’s decision not to launch airstrikes against Syria was a failure.

syrianews.cc – Syrian Opposition Member Abroad Wanted for Justice in Sweden

Haytham Rahmah, a member of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization, a member of the SNC or the Syrian National Council, a member of the Coalition of Syrian Oppositions, whatever names suit those foreign based bodies, is now wanted by the Swedish law authorities for his role in arms trade.
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