23 okt

Efter t.ex. Kerrys uttalande som finns i gårdagens inlägg och artikeln i Washington Post nedan behöver det väl inte råda någon oenighet om att utländska makter stöder och beväpnar de lego-krigare som ligger bakom de ohyggliga lidandena som Syrien och dess befolkning utsatts för de senaste åren. Mairead Corrigan-Maguire, i det tredje citatet nedan, påminner om att det strider mot FN-bestämmelserna att ge stöd och vapen åt grupper i andra länder i syfte att störta regeringar! Och följdaktligen borde diskussionen handla om det som Syriens premiärminister säger, att de som ligger bakom förstörelsen av Syrien borde betala skadestånd.

Damascus Demands War Reparations: “Countries Which Ruined Syria Must Compensate”: Syrian Deputy PM

Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil says countries that have participated in Syria’s crisis must compensate for the destruction they have brought to the Arab country.“We must not forget that Syria is a country rich in resources. Clearly, however, after all this destruction, its own resources are insufficient for reconstruction. Thus, one must mobilize private funds and additional resources, including form of compensation. It is natural that countries that have destroyed Syria must compensate,” Jamil said in an interview with the Russian TV channel Russia Today (RT) on Monday.The Syrian deputy prime minister pointed the finger at Turkey, accusing the country of looting Syria’s industrial hub, Aleppo.

washingtonpost.com, 2 okt – CIA ramping up covert training program for moderate Syrian rebels

The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters, said the agency has sent additional paramilitary teams to secret bases in Jordan in recent weeks in a push to double the number of rebel fighters getting CIA instruction and weapons before being sent back to Syria.

nsnbc.me – Nobel Peace Laureate denounces Media Manipulation on Syria

Corrigan-Maguire stressed, that several foreign governments are training and financing foreign soldiers to be inserted into Syria, and she stressed that this de-facto use of mercenaries violates the Charter of the United Nations, saying:
“According to the Charter of the United Nations, it is illegal to train military forces aiming to overthrow legitimately elected governments. … The International Community should put pressure on those states that are fuelling the terror to make them stop and attend the peace conference aimed at giving the country the right to shape its future without foreign interference”.

voiceofrussia.com – Saudi Arabia to train more Syrian rebels in protests against Washington’s decision not to bomb Syria

Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Al Saud is extremely dissatisfied with the US and with Barack Obama’s policy over Syria, Iran and Egypt and says that the Saudi Arabia is going to arm and train more Syrian rebels in protest against Washington’s policy in the region. That was announced by the Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief this weekend during the meeting with the European diplomats.

rt.com – Saudi Arabia stamps feet at lack of US backing on Syria, Israel

Members of the Saudi Arabian royal family are threatening to rethink the strategic partnership with the US following America’s reluctance to back up Riyadh’s plans for Iran and Syria. Washington is putting on a brave face, praising relations as normal.

Gulf Grumbling: Saudis upset with US, promise ‘major shift away’

voiceofrussia.com – Friends of Syria report: hidden threats to return to military scenario – Lukashevich

Final document of Friends of Syria meeting contains ”poorly hidden threat” to return to military scenario, which is unacceptable, says Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich in his statement.
“We looked at the results of a meeting in London of eleven countries, the so-called “nucleus” of the so-called “nucleus” of the Friends of Syria group, including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, and the Syrian National Coalition led by Ahmad Jabra,” Lukashevich says.
He sees the final document passed at the meeting as “an attempt to revise the key elements of the Geneva Communique.”
“Before the London meeting, we had been assured that discussion would not overstep the framework of the Geneva Communique, yet it went far beyond the frames of both the above communique and the May 7 Russian-American initiative to convene an international conference on Syria,” the spokesperson states.

voltairenet.org – London 11 Friends of Syria Final Communiqué

english.al-akhbar.com – Syria’s Next Major Battle Set for West Ghouta

There are indications of an imminent battle in western Ghouta, the agricultural belt surrounding Damascus. The battle will have long-term strategic implications, especially in terms of expanding the “safe zone” protecting the Syrian capital.
For some time now, all eyes have been on east Ghouta near Damascus, especially in the wake of the area’s chemical attack. Yet for weeks the Syrian army has been pressing ahead with operations in western Ghouta, witnessing rapid advances and regaining control over Husseiniya, Dhiyabiya, and Bouweida.

Båten med flyktingar från Syrien blev beskjuten av Libyer! Är detta en ny drunkningskatastrof eller är det den som västmedier gett stor uppmärksamhet de senaste dagarna?
voiceofrussia.com – Syrian humanitarian crisis: 400 refugees left to drown at sea

The migrants’ boat has been shot at by Libyan traffickers after an argument about payment. Within hours the boat sinks, with Syrian migrants dumped into the sea.

Press TV – Syria crisis resolution must come from Syrians: Shaath, Interview with Saab Shaath

Shaath: During the conference where the British foreign minister was talking a journalist asked him a question, which exposed the whole thing. He asked earlier on today he was saying we are going to be left with dealing with Assad or the radicals of al-Qaeda – for Kerry and the opposition that they can put themselves together and form a delegation to join the Geneva Two. So, that sent a message.
The West and the United States of America and even that camp (opposition) knows on the ground they have two forces: the government of Syria and its army fighting terror, which is al-Qaeda and the Iraqi-affiliated …militants they call al-Nusra Front who are supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
And you see in the news that these parties are with the United States of America. So, this is what they find themselves facing right now the height of traumatic terror, which they have to deal with.
So, Assad on the other hand – I saw his interview yesterday on Syrian TV station, he was very comfortable victorious man in his own skin when he’s talking about the strategies and talking about what’s happening and the future Syria and Geneva Two.
And he emphasized on two points, which he is going to stand when the time comes for the election, that the election in Syria or the resolutions to the Syrian crisis has to come from Syrians. That showed very strong leadership, winning the battle on the ground. …
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