20 okt

voiceofrussia.com – Suicide bomber kills 30 in Syria’s Hama – state media – almanar.com.lb – Suicide Bomber Kills 31 in Syria’s Hamah

A suicide bomber driving an explosive-laden truck with killed at least 30 people and wounded dozens in the central Syrian city of Hama, state media reported.

ncnbc.me – Geneva 2 Date Set by AL Chief. Positive Outcome of Conference Unlikely – Analyst

Arab League Chief Al-Arabi stated that the Geneva 2 conference may start on 23 November. Analyst Christof Lehmann warns not to expect a positive outcome, and warns that the USA and core NATO members benefit from maintaining chaos in the region.

During a phone call today, Lehmann stressed that any conference, regardless which of the opposition groups participates, will be futile as long as the USA, Saudi Arabia, the UK, France and Turkey continue pouring weapons into the equation.

en.alalam.ir – Al-Qaeda sent 50 suicide bombers to attack Aleppo prison

Al-Qaeda-linked militant groups have retreated after two days of futile attacks on Aleppo’s central prison in northwest of Syria, which were blocked by the Syrian army.

Från facebookgrupp som citerar ur en artikel från janes.com – Training of Syrian insurgents steps up in Saudi Arabia – ökad utbildning av legokrigare som bl.a. rekryteras från flyktingläger i olika länder. Samtidigt håller västmedierna på att bygga på en bild av en humanitär katastrof i Syrien, som påkallar ingripande från ”omvärlden” därför att Syriska regeringen inte klarar av att skydda sin befolkning!

Wayne Sonter:
This is an important piece of information regarding the criminal, predatory war against Syria. Not just that the training of death squads to release on Syria continues, and it could not be a more ‘reliable, non-political’ source than Janes, which is basically a trade magazine for the global war industry. It is the point at the end of the article, about the make up of these recruits, that gives the game way – ”The most recent intake that arrived from Jordan on 13 Oct consists of around 40% from insurgent groups operating inside Syria, with the rest recruited from refugees in neighbouring countries.”
That is, this is largely being organised by the (economically & socially enforced) recruitment of young men out of the refugee camps that are nominally under control of UN, Red Cross etc, but are actually under control of FSA/SNC/AQ.
This recruitment of young men is matched by the procurement of girls & young women, by the same predators who are training, arming & paying the jihadi death squads that have brought terror to Syria, producing the refugee camps where they find their prey in the first place. These are not refugee camps – they are concentration camps. See: http://respecthumanrights.com/category/syria/
At the same time the Saudis and USA/NATO, the master string pullers, keep building the case for the ”Right to Protect” those displaced & under blockade within Syria, because the Syrian government is not properly looking after its citizens! They have all hide, no shame and unfortunately, control of all the right NGOs and mainstream media to get a way with their lies & scheming crimes, for now at least! ”

en.alalam.ir – Saudi Prince is real leader of al-Qaeda: Syrian envoy

Syrian Ambassador to Jordan Bahjat Suleiman has called Saudi Prince ”the real gang leader of terrorists fighting in Syria”.

en.alalam.ir – Al-Qaeda trains Syrian children: photos

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