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Press TV – 21 killed in car bomb blast in Syria’s Daraa

At least 21 people, including four children, have been killed in a car bomb blast in Syria’s southern province of Daraa, as the Arab country continues to grapple with foreign-backed militancy.

Press TV – Syria forces recapture key town of al-Bweida

On Wednesday, Syrian forces took control of the town after pushing out foreign-backed militants and destroying their equipment.
The operation was part of a larger campaign launched several months ago to clear the southern countryside of Damascus from militants.

voiceofrussia.com – Syria chemical arms removal: OPCW says verified 11 sites, destroyed equipment at six of them

The world’s chemical weapons watchdog said Wednesday its inspectors have conducted verifications at 11 sites identified by Damascus as it worked to eliminate Syria’s banned weapons.
”The OPCW mission has now conducted verification activities at a total of 11 sites that are identified by Syria’s disclosure,” the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said.
The OPCW has said that there are a total of 20 sites to be visited in Syria.

almanar.com.lb – 70 Syrian Opposition Groups Announce They No Longer Recognize SNC

Syrian opposition groups fighting the Syrian government announced on Wednesday they no longer recognize foreign-backed main opposition National Coalition, saying the group had “failed”.

nsnbc.me – Turkish Parliament to Discuss “Sarin Came to Syria via Turkey” Claims

Türkkan asked Davotoglu whether the claims that the chemicals were transferred by armed groups from Libya via Turkey are true, and if they are true, Türkkan added, which justification is there for Turkey to provide such assistance to the armed groups. Türkkan continued, asking Davotoglu:
Does Turkey have any kind of relationship with the organization named Ansar al-Sharia, and why was the sending of sarin and mustard gas by this organization first overlooked, and the permission only denied in September? . … While the question of who carried out the chemical weapons attack in Syria occupies world public opinion, is Turkey trying to mediate the procurement of chemical weapons to the Syrian opposition?”.

The discussion that was sponsored in Turkey’s parliament by MHP MP Türkkan could initiate a process that ultimately also places direct political and command responsibility for war crimes committed in Syria among top government and military officials in Turkey.

nsnbc.me – Syria’s Defense Minister “Victory of Syrian People an Acknowldged Fact”

Colossal sized NATO mercenary brigades, disguised as “al-Qaeda linked terrorists or Free Syrian Army” have been suffering crushing defeats. In some cases, entire brigades have been wiped out.
The size of some of these brigades utterly defeats western propaganda, according to which the jihadists don’t have a joint command structure. The size of the brigades came up to 40.000 troops in the 2012 campaign for Homs. 20.000 of these were Libyan and North African al-Qaeda mercenaries under the command of Abdelhakim Belhadj.

Finian Cunningham – West toxic lie on Syria exposed

There is a growing host of evidence that soundly negates the Western claims, and indeed supports an altogether more credible and disturbing narrative. Namely, that a large-scale killing took place near Damascus on 21 August involving Saudi and Western military intelligence in collusion with the foreign-backed anti-government mercenaries. Civilians, including children, were murdered in cold blood, perhaps by lethal injection, in order to stage a provocation that was aimed as a pretext for a US-led military assault on Syria.

Ghaleb Kandil – The victory of Syria, a realistic bet

And now, the Syrian version of events in Syria began to make its way in even the most bellicose Western countries: the Syrian state is fighting not against its own people or an armed opposition, but against extremists and barbarian mercenaries, coming from 80 countries, carrying the obscurantist Al-Qaeda thought. The Western media are no longer able to hide this fact and begin to echo the horrors perpetrated by these bloodthirsty gangs.


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