8 okt

‘Syria trending toward radical jihadists, not moderate rebels’ – Lavrov

voiceofrussia.com – Syria actively engaged in chemical arms scrapping, important not to lose pace – Putin

Russia had ”tactical” disagreements over Syria with the United States, the president observed.
”The United States does not want Al-Qaeda to take power in Syria, does it? And we do not want that either. We have common goals with regard to the situation in that country,” Putin stressed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has discussed the Syrian settlement with US Secretary of State John Kerry on the APEC summit sidelines.
”Mostly, our conversation concerned the Syrian situation,” Putin told a press conference after the summit.
”We understand what we should do and how. I am pleased that President Obama has taken this stand; the situation must not have been easy for him. He made the decision and it not only helped reconcile positions but also prevented a tragedy in Syria,” Putin said.
He said he had discussed that issue with Kerry in addition to the scrapping of chemical weapons in Syria and ”further work in this and other fields.”

Vissa gör stora ansträngningar och uppoffringar för att inte riskera att det ohyggliga dödandet upphör!
Press TV – Paris, Riyadh to up aid to Syria rebels

France and Saudi Arabia have agreed to give more weapons to the foreign-backed Takfiri militants operating in Syria.
French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Monday, “Our approach to the situation is identical.”
He made the comment after holding talks with Saudi officials in the city of Jeddah.
The French defense minister said Paris and Riyadh will support the so-called Syrian National Coalition and the terrorist Free Syrian Army “on the military level, as well as the humanitarian and political levels.”

Kanske ska CSTO, en organisation betsående av Ryssland plus en del grannländer, hjälpa till med att vakta de ställen där kemiska vapen förvaras i Syrien.
Thierry Meyssan – The consequences of Resolution 2118

Ingen alltför vågad gissning att det är saudiska pengar som dessa ungdomar anlitas för.
sverigesradio.se – Unga örebroare reser till Syrien för att strida

I april angav Säpo att minst trettio personer rest till Syrien från Sverige för att ansluta sig till al-Qaidainspirerade grupper. Och det är inte ovanligt att dessa krigare har sin härkomst i andra länder.
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