7 okt

Press TV – Russia, US agree on November Syria talks: Lavrov

Press TV – Syrian troops reopen key road in Aleppo Province

Phil Greaves – Syria: “The Army of Islam”; Saudi Arabia’s Greatest Export

Syria has been a pluralistic secular society for decades, the majority of its Sunni muslim population are conservative and have coexisted peacefully alongside the many other religions and ethnic minorities that make up Syria’s diverse society, history, and culture. The people of Syria do not aspire to a Saudi sponsored Salafi/Wahhabi leadership or doctrine of law.

Syria chemical arms destruction begins, rebels unhappy?

Intervju med Mother Agnes – Mother Agnes Discusses Evidence of Chemical Attack Videos Fabrication with al-Jadeed TV – Part 1del 2

sana.sy – President al-Assad to Der Spiegel: No dialogue with gunmen, all decisions taken by the West for the past ten years have been in support of al-Qaeda

In an interview with the German Der Spiegel News Magazine, President al-Assad said that through Western support, now there are thousands of al-Qaeda fighters from 80 countries in Syria.
Following is the full text of the interview…
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