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Christof Lehmann – New Push for Syria Intervention under Responsibility to Protect

The Introduction of the Responsibility to Protect in the Syria situation, the presumption of the guilt of the the Syrian government, the omission of the abuse of human rights and aid work to support a foreign backed insurgency, including Doctors Without Borders functioning as de facto NATO medical batallion, the omission of the involvement of Syria´s neighbors in state-sponsored terrorism, and the push for a Security Council resolution that would authorize military strikes against Syria if Syria fails to protect its population from the onslaught of core NATO member´s mercenaries indicates that these core NATO members will not relent. The diplomatic war for justifying a military aggression has entered a new phase.

washingtonpost.com – CIA ramping up covert training program for moderate Syrian rebels

The CIA is expanding a clandestine effort to train opposition fighters in Syria amid concern that moderate, U.S.-backed militias are rapidly losing ground in the country’s civil war, U.S. officials said.
But the CIA program is so minuscule that it is expected to produce only a few hundred trained fighters each month even after it is enlarged, a level that officials said will do little to bolster rebel forces that are being eclipsed by radical Islamists in the fight against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

voiceofrussia.com – Assad to run for president if supported by people

Syrian embattled leader Bashar Assad has spoken to Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine about his plans to run for president of the war-stricken Arab country. He said his decision to vie for the next term would depend on whether he feels the backing of the nation behind him.

en.ria.ru – Assad Says ‘West Is More Confident in Al-Qaida than Me’

”We did not use chemical weapons,” Assad said in an advance version of an interview with Der Spiegel to be published on Monday. ”This is a misstatement. So is the picture you paint of me as a man who kills his own people.”

8dagar.com – Djävulen sitter i det finstilta

Sharmine Narwani, journalist som bevakar Mellanöstern, har på webbsidan Al-Akhbar 23 september publicerat en analys av FN-rapporten om kemvapenanvändning i Syrien som måste sägas vara närmast sensationell.

Subrata Ghoshroy – Serious Questions about the Integrity of the UN Report on Syria

globalresearch.ca – BBC Media Fabrications on Alleged Incendiary Bomb Attack in Aleppo, Syria

voltairenet.org – BBC abandoning a pretence of journalism

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