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voiceofrussia.com – ‘Encouraging’ progress in dismantling Syria chemical arsenal – UN

”Documents handed over yesterday by the Syrian Government look promising, according to team members but further analysis, particularly of technical diagrams, will be necessary and some more questions remain to be answered,” the United Nations said in a statement.
The international team consists of experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague and United Nations personnel assisting them in their work.
The team said it should be able to begin onsite inspections at three sites next week to verify information provided by Syria.

Press TV – Syria army retakes strategic town in Aleppo Province

Syrian army forces have regained full control of a strategic town in the northern Aleppo Province following heavy clashes with foreign-backed militants.
The government forces gained control of Khanasser, a strategic town linking central Syria to Aleppo, on Thursday.
Foreign-backed militants had seized the town and some nearby villages in August, cutting off the army’s supply route to Aleppo.
According to reports, at least 25 militants were killed during clashes on Wednesday.
Syria’s al-Watan newspaper said the takeover is a development that ”opens the way to allow aid to reach the city (of Aleppo) in the coming hours.”

Press TV – Al-Qaeda-linked ISIS leader, deputy killed in west Syria

The leader of the al-Qaeda affiliated militant group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and his deputy have been killed in Syria’s western province of Latakia, Press TV reports.

US, Israel underestimated Syria power: Mark Weber, Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Weber, with the Institute for Historical Review from California, to talk about the situation in Syria.

‘No sarin detected in West Ghouta environment, only in human samples’ – UN’s Angela Kane

International Disarmament Teams begin Destruction of CW in Syria

International disarmament teams of the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons have arrived in the Syrian capital Damascus and begun their work, including inspections and the destruction of Syria´s chemical weapons stockpiles and chemical weapons production facilities. The open-ended inspection regime and the Security Council resolution it is based upon have been widely criticized, and experts warn against a repetition of an Iraq scenario.
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