27 sep


Turkisk polis beslagtog för en vecka sen Red Mercury (rött kvicksilver?) när en bil med två turkar och en syrier stoppades. Denna substans används bl.a. till kärnvapen. Man kan tänka sig att detta skulle planteras någonstans i Syrien och ”upptäckas” och presenteras som bevis på att Syrien försöker framställa kärnvapen eller något liknande!
Christof Lehmann – Turkish Police seized rare Explosive with Possible Nuclear Utility

On 21 September, Turkish Police seized Red Mercury, a rare Substance which is sold at USD 1 million per Liter, at a Police Checkpoint in Turkey’s Kayseri Province. Red Mercury is, among others, used for triggering Hydrogen Bombs. The explosive contraband was seized from two Turkish and one Syrian national.

The question, whether an attempt was made to “set-up the Syrian government” as having a covert nuclear weapons program or as participating in nuclear proliferation, to justify US aggression against Syria or further sanctions against Iran is not necessarily a far fetched one.

En svensk expert på internationell lag varnar för att en text som antyder att syriska regeringen låg bakom gas-attacken den 21 aug kan öppna en farlig bakdörr till möjligheter att ställa representanter för syriska regeringen eller armén inför Haag-domstolen.
Christof Lehmann – Security Council Vote on Syria Friday or Saturday. No Chapter 7 Option

Also the United States UN Envoy, Samantha Power, confirmed that an agreement had been reached between Russia and the USA. Powers’ statement however, is raising questions whether the draft resolution assigns any guilt with regards to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
Powers said, that the draft resolution is “legally obligating Syria to give up chemical weapons they used on their people. … The draft UNSC Resolution establishes that Syria’s use of chemical weapons is a threat to international peace and security and creates a new norm against the use of CW,” she wrote via Twitter. (Emphasis added)
A Swedish expert in international law contacted nsnbc international, saying on condition of anonymity, that any UNSC resolution that implies that Syria in fact has used chemical weapons against the Syrian people could have serious and complex legal implications. The Swedish expert warned, that any reference of that nature in the resolution could leave a backdoor for charging members of the Syrian government and the Syrian armed forces for chemical weapons use in The Haag, even though all available evidence points towards foreign backed terrorists being the perpetrators of the attack in East Ghouta and Khan al-Assal.
The text of the draft resolution is handled behind closed doors at the UNSC and will not be available for analysis until after the vote and the publication of the adopted resolution by the United Nations.

Ny intervju med Mother Agnes – rt.com – ‘Staged and scripted’: Mother Agnes finalizes chronology of Damascus chemical attack

…those children are the children of whom? From where did you get them? Why are you using them and manipulating them? Are they alive or are they dead? Now it is a humanitarian case and we’re asked to bring it to the highest level of the humanitarian and human rights community in the world.
RT: How did the UN respond to your findings?
MA: I said directly in a meeting with the commission of inquiry that I have been viewing the videos and that my impression was that they were a fake. They were very much interested. They’ve asked me to transmit to them the videos as well as my own observation.
Until today I have just transmitted to the commission of inquiry and also to the office of the high commissioner of human rights in Geneva my 50-page study. I did not transmit until today the videos because I wanted to be sure about my work and I will transmit to them, remit to them in an official way the whole work of chronology and evidences that they will be able to see, to view it in an audio-visual way.

voiceofrussia.com – Bomb kills at least 20 in Damascus provinc? – NGO – almanar.com.lb – Damascus Car Bomb Kills 20 People at Least – Press TV – 60 killed in car bomb blast in Damascus suburb

voiceofrussia.com – Military action against Syria can only make matters worsevideo från Lavrovs tal

Applying the principle of outside military intervention to the Syrian situation is ‘devoid of sense and also very dangerous’, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, speaking to the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations.
”Unfortunately, many argue that although banned by the UN Charter, the use of force and threats to use force are potent methods to solve conflicts between states.”
”At the same time, past experience shows that outside military intervention is senseless, useless and only makes matters worse. Forceful intervention is fraught with eroding the world order and destroying the safeguards against the proliferation of dangerous weapon systems.”

Chemical Solution? Draft resolution on Syria weapons agreed, implies no immediate force

Den libanesiske fd generalen tror inte att väst med allierade kommer att fortsätta att beväpna och stödja de väpnade gängen!
Ex-Lebanese Army Commander: Assad fall would plunge Middle East in chaos, General Michel Aoun, a former Lebanese Army Commander, currently a politician and leader of the Free Patriotic Movement.

alalam.ir – More Israeli missiles found in Syria’s Daraa

slut på uppdateringen _______________________

Tydligen är en FN-grupp på plats för att undersöka platser där kemiska vapen påstås ha använts tidigare, som platsen utanför Aleppo i mars. Så här skriver Sveriges Radio idag: ”Det ser ut som att inspektörer kommer vara på plats redan på tisdag i Syrien.” Är det så att det är olika grupper, en som ska undersöka tidigare incidenter och en som ska hantera förstörandet av regeringens kemiska vapen, och västmedierna försöker låtsas som att den förra inte finns? (UPPDATERING – nu, strax därefter, nämns den andra i ett inlägg )
voiceofrussia.com – Chemical experts to complete work in Syria Monday – UN

A team of UN experts investigating alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria expects to complete its in-country work by Monday, the United Nations said on Friday.
In a statement issued from Damascus, the UN said the team would investigate seven alleged attack.

Press TV – Syria CW probe must start by Tuesday: Draft resolution

A draft resolution on Syria, agreed by Russia and the US, says the UN team of chemical weapons experts must start inspection of the Syria’s chemical stockpile by Tuesday.
On Friday, fresh details appeared about the draft resolution which is to be discussed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) later on Friday.

Senaste budet, inget kapitel 7 – Press TV –Russia, US reach accord on UNSC resolution on Syria – rt.com – No ‘military measures’ in Syria draft resolution – Lavrov

The draft resolution “does not envision any actions based on Chapter 7 of the UN Charter,” which allows military action to restore peace and security, Lavrov said.

Carlos Martinez – Decriminalizing Bashar al Assad: Towards a More Effective Anti-War Movement

The Syrian state has been under direct attack by western imperialism for the last two and a half years (although the US and others have been “accelerating the work of reformers” for much longer than that). The forms of this attack are many: providing weapons and money to opposition groups trying to topple the government; implementing wide-ranging trade sanctions; providing practically unlimited space in the media for the opposition whilst effecting a near-total media blackout on pro-government sources; and relentlessly slandering the Syrian president and government. In short, the western media and governments have – consciously and deliberately – “created this climate that legitimates” a military regime change operation against Syria.
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