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Thierry Meyssan – Putin warns US citizens about the consequences of their government’s policies

By this op ed column, Vladimir Putin reveals the thrust of his politics – to force Washington to recognise that it is not, or is no longer, the master of the world, and to bring it back to the level of the other great powers of the Security Council, in acceptance of the rules of international law. The Syrian crisis seems to indicate that he has succeeded, since the US, for the moment at least, has abandoned the idea of attacking Syria in defiance of international law. In this way, Russia will therefore have assumed the role of counter-balance, which used to be the position of the Soviet Union. US domination of the world will therefore have ceased after a period of 18 years, counting from its rearmament (1995) to its defeat in Syria (2013).

Tony Cartalucci – In Syria, There are no Moderates

This latest bid to portray the terrorists operating along and within Syria’s borders as ”divided” along extremists/moderate lines is a ploy to justify the continued flow of Western cash and arms into Syria to perpetuate the conflict, as well as create conditions along Syria’s borders with which Western partners, Israel, Jordan, and Turkey, can justify direct military intervention.

It is important to understand two undeniable, verified facts. First, there are no moderates in Syria, and second, Al Qaeda’s ascendance in Syria is the direct results of the West intentionally arming them, funding them, training them, providing them with tactical, logistical, and strategic support, as well as financing them through the purchase of Al Qaeda-controlled oil fields. Understanding these facts lifts the veil regarding the latest round of lies and fabrications by the West to regain the initiative amidst their premeditated, 2-plus year assault on Syria.

Press TV – OPCW receives Syria chemical weapons declaration

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said on Friday that the Syrian government has begun sending details of its chemical arms as part of a US-Russia brokered deal to put them under international control for their final annihilation.

globalresearch.ca – The Ghouta chemical attack: Kidnapped by Al Nusrah. Where are the Missing Children?

Vladimir Yevseyev – Syria: Chemical Attack or “Provocation” by Opposition Rebel Forces

moonofalabama.org – Syria: NYT, HRW Wrong To Claim Chemical Attack Origin

Christof Lehmann – Germany joins efforts to frame Syria on non-compliance

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Intervju med Mother Agnes – rt.com – Children in Syria chemical attack video ‘moved between locations’ before ‘staged’ filming

Children filmed as victims of the Aug 21 chemical attack in a Damascus suburb had been deliberately moved to the location from a different region after being kidnapped weeks before, Mother Agnes told RT after presenting her own investigation to the UN.

voiceofrussia.com – West clueless if extremists come to power in Syria – Putin

Speaking at the Valdai International Discussion Club on Thursday, September 19th, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Western countries did not know what to do if extremist came to power in Syria as a result of their interference. “Are they going to wave them away with a newspaper?” he asked.
President Putin urged the West to say honestly that it had started providing external support as soon as the conflict broke out in Syria. “How did the terrorist group Al-Nusra come into existence there? Even the US Department of State has admitted that Al-Qaeda units are fighting there,” he said.
“We can’t watch mass killings calmly, but if we try to interfere on either side, there will be no balance. We must find points of contact and equilibrium that would hold for some time,” Putin said.
He mentioned Libya as an example. “Has it become better there now? What is the result?” he asked, adding that the way proposed to solve the problem in that country had proven wrong. “This is why we want to forge constructive dialogue with the United States,” the president said.
The use of force against Syria would upset the balance of power in the world not to that country, Vladimir Putin said. “This would be a blow to the world order, not to Syria. This is what I mean.”
“There are no exclusive interests in Syria we would be pursuing by trying to keep the present government there. We are trying to preserve the principles of international law,” he said.

Bill Simpich – Rogue State USA: Missile Threats Make Any Syria Treaty Illegal

Article 2, Section 4 of the UN Charter makes it plain. “All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purpose of the United Nations.”
This rule is so strong that it explains why Obama recently announced that he will not seek a Security Council authorization of the threat of the use of force in Syria. Under international law, the necessary conditions do not exist for the Security Council to take any such action in this setting.

Christian village Maaloula falls into jihadists’ hands as Al-Qaeda grows in Syria

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