15 sep

I morgon kan man nog vänta en intensiv propaganda-kampanj i lydmedierna. Då resultaten presenteras från FN’s undersökningar från platsen för den påstådda kem-attacken den 21 augusti. Kemiska vapen har nog använts, men av vem? Och hur många som dog, och var och när videorna spelades in är oklart. Att regeringstrupperna skulle ligga bakom attacken verkar osannolikt. Dels därför att det hade gjorts klart för länge sen att om sådana användes kunde USA tänkas ingripa, och dels hade armén haft framgångar en längre tid, utan kemiska vapen. Och just någon dag innan 21 aug hade en FN-delegation anlänt till Damaskus för att på syriskt och ryskt initiativ undersöka platsen där en attack med kemiska vapen ägt rum i mars, där Ryssland sade sig ha starka indikationer på att de väpnade gängen låg bakom. Lägg till detta hur västmedierna agerade direkt på denna händelse och drog igång en hysterisk kampanj, och hur västledarna snabbt började prata om att man måste bomba. En undersökning av händelserna hade man inte tid med, man visste redan vem som låg bakom. Det kan knappast råda någon tvekan om att det var en planerad och samordnad aktion som låg bakom 21 aug-händelserna, enligt ett liknande manus som användes vid Tripoli-attacken i Libyen exakt två år tidigare!
Att de mörkrets makter bakom kulisserna som ligger bakom aggressionerna mot Syrien inte tänker ge sig kan man förstå av hur de använder sin propaganda-apparat, medierna. Ett par exempel från idag, SR och AB.

Hands Off Syria: UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria “is Acting to Incite Further Massacres”, Hands Off Syria Australia, Press Release

Syrian analysts have released video which begins to identify the dead at al Ghouta, and those around them. Establishing who the victims are may be the key to proving who is responsible. Two weeks before the killings in al Ghouta many women and children were kidnapped from the site of an al Nusra massacre in Lattakia. It is believed many of these are amongst the dead at al Ghouta. Video also shows several alive and identifiable, kidnapped government supporters, later seen as dead victims at al Ghouta.
Adam Larson says the crime at al Ghouta was either: ‘the perfect gift from the ‘regime’ to its hostile opponents, or a custom sewn false flag event of great audacity’.
A dozen former senior US military and intelligence officers wrote to President Obama, reminding him of the lies told about WMDs in Iraq. They said ‘the most reliable intelligence shows that [President] Bashar al-Assad was NOT responsible for the chemical incident that killed and injured Syrian civilians on August 21 … [and] the various groups trying to overthrow Syrian President … have ample incentive to get the U.S. more deeply involved’.

The Syrian government has now agreed to a Russian initiative, to join the Chemical Weapons Convention, heading off the immediate threat of missile attacks from US warships, stationed in the eastern Mediterranean. However that agreement does not resolve the matter. The al Ghouta incident was just the latest in a long chain of pretexts for war. The US clearly wants to dominate the entire region, and cannot tolerate any independent state.
Bitterly disappointed at the delay in a direct US attack on Syria, the ruthless and sectarian Islamist fighters will most likely try to stage another ‘false flag’ attack. The partisan United Nations COI will almost certainly act, once again, to lend them credibility.

Tony Cartalucci – Syria’s ”Rebels” Threaten UN – Will Use US Weapons, Terrorists operating in Syria have threatened to ”block” UN inspectors, any bloodshed will be on the hands of the US who is now openly arming them.

voiceofrussia.com – Iran says it possesses evidence of rebel involvement in Syria chemical attack

Iran possesses evidence of the Syrian rebels holding a chemical arsenal. It can also prove that the chemical attack near Damascus on August 21 was the work of rebel fighters.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke about this on the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen network Sunday in his first television interview since assuming office.

al-akhbar.com – Ibrahim al-Amin – Syria Crisis: New Global Balance in the Making

But both the Iranians and the Russians realized that in order to stop Obama from carrying out his attack and convince him to move in the direction of a political solution, they had to find a compromise that would be acceptable to all sides.
In doing so, they were met halfway by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, who were working on a separate track to achieve the following:
First, to prevent any spoilers – such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, and Israel – from influencing the UN weapons inspectors’ report on the alleged chemical attack in Damascus. And second, to get Geneva II back on track, especially after Brahimi received encouragement from a number of leaders at the G20 meeting in that direction.

There are indications that both Moscow and Tehran have decided to raise the capabilities of the Syrian armed forces to an extent that would allow them to make further strides against the opposition.

Franklin Lamb – “Go Tell It on the Mountain, From the Peaks of Qasioun!”

At the height of the war scare here in early September, a group 9 primarily Sunni, Christian, and Alawite students and activists, led by a charismatic and agnostic pro-Hezbollah Lebanese Shia woman from Hermel in Lebanon’s North Bekaa Valley, set up a Human Shields and Observers camp to protect the Syrian TV channels, radio and communication towers situated at the crest of Mount Qasioun

Christof Lehmann – Libyan FM Admits, Troops and Arms to Syria a Source of Pride

Libya´s Foreign Minister, Mohamed Abdul-Aziz admitted, that a lot of Libyans are fighting within the ranks of the armed terrorist groups in Syria and that Libya remains a hub for weapons shipments to the insurgents. The post-coup Libyan Foreign Minister states, that “helping our brothers in Syria is a source of pride”.

Richard Becker – The Syria Chemical Weapons Agreement. What it Means, Why it Came about

The Syrian opposition’s condemnation of the agreement included threats against the UN inspectors. The opposition had been openly and ardently hoping for U.S. military strikes on their own country.
Why? Despite the massive funding, arming, training and other support the various armed opposition forces have received from the U.S., Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries, they know that they cannot achieve victory on their own. They were counting on a massive military campaign by the U.S. that would could severely weaken the government forces, foment splits and defections, and facilitate “regime change.”
The overthrow of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party government led by Bashar al-Assad remains the objective the U.S. which, in addition to arming and supplying the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” is continuing harsh economic sanctions against the country.
For nearly seven decades, U.S. imperialist policies in the Middle East have been aimed at destroying independent governments and popular movements, which are viewed as obstacles to U.S. domination of the entire oil-rich and strategic region.

Press TV – Kerry heading to Israel to report Syria chemical weapons deal

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