11 sep

voiceofrussia.com – Russia shows US its plan for Syrian chemical weapons

Russia has given the United States its plan for placing Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal under international control and intends to discuss it on Thursday in Geneva, the Interfax news agency cited a Russian source as saying on Wednesday

Recruited by Al-Qaeda: Foreign fighters in Damascus jail tell their stories

Tahmineh Bakhtiari – US, al-Qaeda: From enemies to allies

Press TV – 90 percent of rebels in Syria are foreigners trained by West to kill: Dr. Randy Short

We don’t need a no-fly zone over Syria. What we need to do is agree no more arms to be sent to al-Nusra and the other terrorists.

Kaveh L. Afrasiabi – Questions on Syria’s Chemical Weapons disarmament

Harry J. Bentham – Ad-hoc security narratives: Syria, terrorism and the chemicals

globalresearch.ca – Hans Blix: US Government Disrespects United Nations

John Pilger – From Hiroshima to Syria, The Enemy Whose Name We Dare Not Speak

The repetitive debate about whether “we” should “take action” against selected dictators (i.e. cheer on the US and its acolytes in yet another aerial killing spree) is part of our brainwashing. Richard Falk, emeritus professor of international law and UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine, describes it as “a self-righteous, one-way, legal/moral screen [with] positive images of Western values and innocence portrayed as threatened, validating a campaign of unrestricted political violence”. This “is so widely accepted as to be virtually unchallengeable”.
It is the biggest lie: the product of “liberal realists” in Anglo-American politics, scholarship and the media who ordain themselves as the world’s crisis managers, rather than the cause of a crisis. Stripping humanity from the study of nations and congealing it with jargon that serves western power designs, they mark “failed”, “rogue” or “evil” states for “humanitarian intervention”.

En bra intervju som nog ger en riktig bild av världshändelserna – voiceofrussia.com – Syria and the NWO in the aftermath of the G20 Summit

Syrians lived peacefully together under a democratic government where people had more freedom than Americans have in the US – until March 2011. They have overwhelmingly elected Bashar al-Assad not only once, but twice; the second time by decisively expressing their vote of confidence when accepting the new Syrian Constitution on 26 February 2012, making Syria an Arab, democratic, secular Republic, with equal rights for all citizens. The (new) Article 8 of the Constitution says ”The political system is based on the principle of political pluralism, and rule is only obtained and exercised democratically through voting.” The popular uprising began in on 15 March 2011, as part of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, demanding the resignation of Bashar al-Assad (the Assad family leads Syria since 1971) and the ruling (socialist) Ba’ath Party (since 1963). Like most of the Middle Easter conflicts or ‘Arab Springs’ – it was planted by US sponsored, trained and funded groups and NGOs that were for years infiltrated into Middle Eastern countries to prepare the population to react creating disorder and protests at the ‘appropriate’ moment, meaning when it suits Washington’s leading world elite on its way to global hegemony..

Bilder på lager av kemiska vapen och varningar för länge sen om att kemiska vapen skulle komma att användas, i de två följande artiklarna.
Saed Bannoura – CIA documents reveal Israeli stockpile of chemical weapons

A newly-discovered document of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency revealed Monday by Foreign Policy magazine shows that the U.S. agency had decisive evidence dating back to at least the 1980s that Israel had a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons.

csmonitor.com – Leaked Iranian letter warned US that Syrian rebels have chemical weapons

According to leaked diplomatic correspondence, Iran has been warning Washington since July 2012 that Sunni rebel fighters have acquired chemical weapons, and called on the US to send “an immediate and serious warning” to rebel groups not to use them.

Press TV – Iran regrets US ignorance of warning on chemical arms use in Syria

Wayne Madsen – Getting to the bottom of the rebels’ chemical weapons use in Syria

voiceofrussia.com – US supplies weapons to Syrian rebels, their representative says

A representative of the National Coalition of Syria’s Opposition and Revolutionary Forces Khalid Saleh says that the US has started to supply weapons to the Syrian opposition.
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