9 sep

Något sådant är väl precis vad man skulle kunna vänta sig, från de allt mer desperata makternas sida som ligger bakom fientligheterna mot Syrien.
rt.com – RT sources: Syrian rebels plan chem attack on Israel from Assad-controlled territories

A chemical attack may be launched on Israel by Syrian rebels from government-controlled territories as a ”major provocation”, a number of sources have told RT.

Christof Lehmann – Attack on Syria may be imminent. US – Turkey and others may expect Retaliaton

Syria´s President Bashar al-Assad has warned the USA that it must expect retaliation in the case of an attack on Syria, referring to the region´s complex dynamics. An attack has become more likely after Turkey deployed additional troops along the 900 km long Turkish – Syrian border. U.S. President Barak Obama is not showing signs of a strategic retreat after the United States principle European ally has rejected participation. Russia´s President, Vladimir Putin stressed that Russian support for Syria will increase after an attack.

Enligt en artikel i New York Times den 3 september ska Obama ha sagt att en första grupp om 50 man som specialtränats har smugits in i Syrien nyligen, medan det i en fransk tidning talas om 300 man och att de skickades in i Syrien den 17 augusti och ännu en grupp två dagar senare, och att dessa begivit sig till Ghouta, en av de förorter till Damaskus där en attack med kemiska vapen påstås ha ägt rum den 21 augusti. Om uppgifterna är korrekta måste det starkt misstänkas att det var de som iscensatte dessa händelser!
Jim White – Why is Obama Changing the Date and Size of First CIA Death Squads to Enter Syria?

In direct contradiction to Obama’s Monday statement to McCain and Graham on the timing of the entry of the first US-trained death squads into Syria, we have this report from the Jerusalem Post that quotes a story first reported in Le Figaro:
The first group of 300 handpicked Free Syrian Army soldiers crossed the border on August 17 into the Deraa region, and a second group was deployed on August 19, the paper reported.
The paper quoted a researcher at the French Institute for Strategic Analysis as saying the trained rebels group was passing through Ghouta, on their way to Damascus.

En belgisk lärare som tillsammans med en italiensk journalist var fångar hos de väpnade gängen och som just släppts och flugit hem, säger sig ha hört samtal mellan ”rebeller” som visar att syriska regeringen inte låg bakom användningen av kemiska vapen den 21 aug. – Kidnapped Teacher: Rebels Said Assad Not Behind Chemical Weapons Attack

Piccinin told Italy’s RTL radio that he heard a conversation during which members of the Abu Ammar rebel brigade admitted that Assad was not behind the attack in Ghouta that the Obama administration has cited in building a case for military intervention.
“It is a moral duty to say this. The government of Bashar al-Assad did not use Sarin gas or other types of gas in the outskirts of Damascus,” said Piccinin.

english.farsnews.com – Al-Nusra Terrorists Behead Tens of Syrians in Reef Damascus

FNA correspondent in Northern Syria reported that the Al-Nusra terrorists have attacked the Christian city of Maloula in Damascus countryside on Sunday and cut off the heads of 30 civilians.
The report said that a number of women and children were also among those beheaded by the Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Thierry Meyssan – Preparations for regional war

Both the United States and France are busy with preparations for the bombing of Syria, although such action corresponds to no strategic objective for either state. Russia and the Axis of Resistance are therefore preparing their riposte. The major difficulty consists in transforming this agression into a regional war while avoiding the Third, (and final?) World War. Whatever happens, if they engage in war, the Western world will have to deal with a long and wide-ranging conflict like nothing they’ve experienced since Vietnam.

Tony Cartalucci – US: There is no Evidence Syrian Government Carried Out Attacks

”Common sense” points the finger in the opposite direction White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough has suggested. Without any actual evidence coming from a nation who has waged war habitually on fabricated justification, and who is clearly involved in a long-standing conspiracy to overthrow the Syrian government, and who is responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe it feigns interest in now ending, the world has understandably and universally opposed this latest act of unprovoked military aggression.

Dennis Kucinich – How the White House and the CIA are marketing a war in the YouTube era

Robert Parry – Congress Was Denied the “Secret Details” Regarding the Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack

theguardian.com – American threats widen fault lines among Syria’s rebels, Martin Chulov writes from a roadhouse near Aleppo where jihadists and al-Qaida affiliates prepare to face the US enemy

Jim W Dean – US forms Neo-Axis of Evil with Britain, France, Israel

Gordon Duff – Syria: What America’s Congress should know

Syria welcomes Russia’s call to handover chemical weapons

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