5 sep

globalresearch.ca – Top Chemical Weapons Expert Says We Don’t Know Who – Or Even What – Caused Syrian Deaths, Jean Pascal Zanders is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s top chemical weapons experts

Q: You were quoted in the Huffington Post on August 30th as saying that the Youtube videos cited by the American government were not conclusive, as you couldn’t tell where or when the videos were taken … or even whether they were from the same incident or different incidences. Do you still hold that view, or have you seen other videos that change your mind?
Zanders: No, I have not changed my mind. The general observation still stands, and it will stand until we have the actual report from the U.N. investigation.
I do not deny that a chemical with toxic chemicals has taken place. But I am just as concerned about how people are interpreting things in terms of a particular goal … which in this case is military intervention.

Certain samples could have been selectively given to Western sources for analysis. Assume that you do not know where a sample comes from … your whole chain of custody is compromised.
That’s why UN inspectors can only use samples they have collected themselves.
There was an article in the Wall Street Journal a couple of days ago saying that Prince Bandar got one alleged victim of chemical warfare out of the country, sent him to the UK, and that person is the basis of which the British made their claims about Syrian chemical weapons use. [Article.]
That goes to a single person. This is quite remarkable, if true.

Press TV – Al-Qaeda carried out August chemical attack in Syria: Assad adviser

A senior adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says al-Qaeda-linked terrorists were responsible for a deadly chemical attack in the country last month.
Assad’s political and media adviser Bouthaina Shaaban rejected the Western allegations accusing the Syrian government forces of being responsible for the August 21 attack on the outskirts of Damascus.

voiceofrussia.com – Lavrov and Kerry discuss situation in Syria

voiceofrussia.com – US Congress decision to attack Syria will not be legitimate – Kremlin

Pre-paid Strike: Arab states ready to pick up US tab for Syria attack

Ny intervju med Webster Tarpley

syriensolidaritet.se – De svagas koalition utmanas

När Obama nu hotar med att ödelägga delar av Syrien och döda både värnpliktiga soldater och civilpersoner visar den svenske statsministern ”förståelse” för detta. Det är skamligt och något av en livlina för den desperate Obama.

syriensolidaritet.se – Tusentals demonstrerade mot Obama

veteranstoday.com – Russia Equipped Syria with Most Advanced Anti-Ship Missile Systems


Thierry Meyssan – Peace in Syria is possible… within the week

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the United Nations has been giving the impression that it’s nothing more than a simple channel for US policy, to the point that Washington now calls its allies the « international community ». And yet the world of George W. Bush is long gone. The UN can once again play its part in service of peace when one of its members is threatened by the United States. Thierry Meyssan calls for an end to the Syrian crisis, just like the Suez Canal crisis, by convening an « Emergency Special Session» of the General Assembly.

Press TV – Former Turkish Provincial Official “Chemical Weapons Sent From Turkey to Syria” från syrianfreepress.wordpress.com

A former member of a city council in the Turkish province of Hatay says that the chemical weapons used in last month’s attack in Syria were transported from Turkey,Press TV reports.
“Four months ago, Turkish security forces found a two-kilogram cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the al-Qaeda and al-Nusra. They are using our borders to take the gas into Syria,” Mohamad Gunes said.
“The Syrian president has no reason to kill his own people,” he added.
People in the southern province, which borders Syria, said that the weapons were used by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front militants and not the Syrian government.
“America and Israel had al-Qaeda use chemical weapons in order to push us into war; none of us wants war here. In the history of Hatay, we all lived peacefully side by side, now there is Mossad, CIA and al-Qaeda all over the place. We are worried that they might use chemical weapons against us,” said Farid Mainy, a Hatay resident and an activist.
The residents believe the Turkish government is allowing the transfer of weapons because Ankara is trying to create a pretext in order to wage war on its neighbor.

nyhetsbanken.se – Assads gasattack mossadskröna

Utrikesminister John Kerry försäkrade allmänheten att Obama-administrationens sammanfattning av de uppgifter som ska motivera militära åtgärder för att straffa Assadregimen för påstådd användning av kemiska vapen, att man redan, visa av skadan efter fiaskot om Iraks innehav av massförstörelsevapen år 2002, nu hade mer på fötterna.
Trots denna försäkran är den offentliga sammanfattningen, publicerad för allmänheten 30 aug 2013, höggradigt dubiös, menar Gareth Porter

Oavsett vilka bevis som framkommer under de kommande veckorna gör vi klokt i att notera inkonsekvenser och det vilseledande språk som ingår i bedömningen, sammanfattar Gareth Porter. ”Detta med tanke på att ”bevisen” ska motivera en krigshandling,” slutar han olycksbådande.
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