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I december 2012 skrev Syrien till FN och varnade för att de väpnade gängen hade tillgång till kemiska substanser som kunde användas i en attack för att skylla på regeringen.
I mars 2013 skedde just detta, ca 25 personer dödades. Syrien begärde genast att FN skulle undersöka händelsen, men västländerna krånglade och drog ut på det hela och började ställa för regeringen orimliga krav. Därefter gjorde Ryssland en grundlig undersökning av händelserna i mars och menade sig ha starka indikationer som pekade på att de väpnade gängen använt kemiska vapen. Med dessa gick man till FN igen och kom överens om att en delegation skulle skickas, någon dag senare intog ”rebellerna” området där attacken ägt rum i mars och verkställde en massaker, ca 300 dödade, både civila och militär. För att få bort vittnen till händelsen?
I maj fastslog Carla del Ponte, medlem i FN:s undersökningskommitté, att den kemiska attacken som ägde rum i mars i Khan al-Assal utanför Aleppo, med stor sannolikhet utförts av rebellerna. Den 30 maj beslagtog turkisk polis i Adana på gränsen till Syrien 2 kg saringas tillhörande de väpnade gäng som strider i Syrien.
Den nu aktuella attacken med kemiska vapen inträffade den 21 augusti, en dag efter att FN-delegationen som skulle undersöka mars-händelsen anlände till Syrien. De fick nu annat att syssla med och har nu lämnat Syrien utan att ha undersökt platsen för mars-händelsen.
Christof Lehmann – Russia released Key Findings of Chemical Weapons Probe

The Russian Foreign Ministry has released the key findings of the Russian experts probe into the chemical weapons use incident in Khan al-Assal on 19 March 2013. The probe, which was taken following international standards, using internationally recognized laboratories proves that the weapon was not a standard issue weapon as one would expect in a military arsenal, and strongly suggests that foreign-backed insurgents were behind the attack. The release of the core findings of the report, which has been sent to the office of the UN Secretary General and the White House, comes as a Senate Committee approves US military strikes against Syria.

Syriens FN-ambassadör Bashar Jafari

Det finns en annan video där Jafari får tillfälle att uttala sig på CNN. Trots att han försöker vara lugn och tydlig mal mediakrigföraren burdust på med påståenden som att ”det var ju ni som gjorde det” och att Jafari måste uttala sig som han gör för att det är hans jobb! De är fullständigt hutlösa, frågan är om de själva tror på vad de säger.

Press TV – US Congress has no right to authorize attack on Syria: Putin

The Russian president added that Kerry lied to Congress about al-Qaeda’s part in Syria in a bid to win approval from US lawmakers for a military attack against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
”Al-Qaeda units are the main military echelon [fighting against Syrian government], and they [the US] know this,” Putin noted, adding, ”It was unpleasant and surprising for me — we talk to them, we proceed from the assumption that they are decent people. But he [Kerry] is lying and knows he is lying. It’s sad.”

Press TV – Obama in ‘desperate’ situation over Syria

“The effort to lobby Congress right now is probably a desperation on the part of the administration at this point,” said Michael Maloof, a former senior security policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

voiceofrussia.com – Idea of US ”humanitarian intervention” in Syria is outrageous – Russian Foreign Ministry

globalresearch.ca – Rush Limbaugh Suspects Obama Conspired With Al-Qaeda to Frame Bashar al-Assad. “If True, this is the Setup of all Time,”

globalresearch.ca – U.S.-NATO Should Not Be “Al Qaeda’s Air Force”

globalresearch.ca – Obama’s Syria Endgame: New Al Qaeda “Recruits” Dispatched to Syria

Press TV – Ismail Salami – Towards the vindication of Syria invasion

Press TV – Syrian troops continue making gains against militants

Pepe Escobar – War against Iran, Iraq AND Syria?

Paul Craig Roberts – Will Congress Now Save Obama’s Face By Selling Out Democracy and the Syrian People and Setting the Stage for World War III?

Instead of voting on whether to allow obama to attack Syria, Congress should be voting to impeach obama and kerry. Their blatant lies, dictatorial claims, and arrogant inhumanity are powerful arguments for removing them from office.
The lies told by the obama regime are so transparent that it makes one wonder just how stupid the regime thinks the American people are. Little doubt the white house is relying on its Ministry of Propaganda, a.k.a., the presstitute media, to undermine Americans’ confidence in their common sense and to make them accept the latest fiction. The tactic is to use the peer pressure of the prostitute media to silence Americans’ conscience.

If Congress rallies to obama’s war, Congress will have pushed the world closer to nuclear war. Russia and China see that the UN is powerless to prevent aggression and that Washington’s aggression is aimed at them. As Russia and China build their nuclear forces, they will draw a starker line at Iran. Iran is Russia’s underbelly, and Iran is 20 percent of China’s oil supply.
From what I have been able to discern, both the Russian and Chinese governments have lost all confidence in Washington. Neither government believes any of Washington’s lies and both countries are aware of Washington’s attempt to isolate them diplomatically and to surround them with military bases. Both countries know that they can expect the same demonization from the presstitute western media as Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Assad have received. They understand that western demonization is the prelude to destabilization and to military attack.
With the hubris, arrogance, and insanity of Washington an established fact, Russia and China perceive an enemy that intends their destruction. As neither country is going to accept their demise, Congress’ acquiescence to obama’s lies in order to save “america’s prestige” sets the stage for nuclear war.
However, if Congress refuses to be committed to a war crime based on a lie, rejects obama’s bribes and intimidation, and vetoes the war criminal’s attack on Syria, it means, the end of the influence of the Israeli Lobby, the bloodthirsty neoconservatives, and war mongers John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

slut på uppdateringen _____________________

Avfyrade Israel två missiler mot Syrien igår, som sköts ner av USA, i syfte att trigga igång ett krig?
Gordon Duff – ‘Schlock and Awe,’ Israel missile test fraud

Russian radar and satellite systems detected two launches. Were Israel to have launched both missiles as they claim, they could only have been firing at:
– Israel, in order to simulate a Russian attack or
– Syria, in order to simulate an American attack
There are no other options.

News stories published online claim the United States shot down two Israeli-launched cruise type missiles heading toward Syria.
Though the sources reporting have both poor reliability and a history of contact with Israeli intelligence, it is possible this report is accurate and has been purposefully “poisoned” to cover a major strategic blunder by Israel.
Were an unauthorized missile to have been launched within 200 miles of US Naval forces in the region, as admitted by Israel, the US would have automatically shot them down. Cruise missiles travel at the speed of commercial aircraft. American missile interceptors travel at many times that speed.

itar-tass.com – Russian expert says Mideast made narrow escape from major war Tuesday

“Israel is demonstrating blatant disregard for the norms of international law,” Gen Ivashov said. “The Israeli Defense Ministry did not issue a warning to the countries, the ships of which were cruising in the Mediterranean at the moment. More than that, Israel has a bigger arsenal of nukes than France although it is not a member of the world nuclear club.”
“Nonetheless, Israeli government was prepared to set the machine of a major war in the Middle East into motion Tuesday – with support from the Pentagon,” he said.

Press TV – Russian defense official warns Israel on missile launch in Mediterranean

Press TV – Russia sends missile cruiser to Eastern Mediterranean

Russian military officials say Moscow is sending three more naval ships, including a missile cruiser, to the Eastern Mediterranean, as the United States is preparing for a possible strike on Syria.

voiceofrussia.com – Russia shipped some S-300 air defense systems to Syria but has not completed contract, has suspended it – Putin

”We have delivered some parts of S-300. But the delivery was not completed, we have suspended it for now,” the president said in an interview with Associated Press and Channel One.
”But if we see that there are attempts to violate existing international norms, we may tailor our behavior accordingly and reconsider deliveries of such sensitive weapons to some regions.”

Putin: Only UNSC can sanction military action against Syria govt

Rodrigue Tremblay – Syria: Another Illegal War of Aggression based on Manipulation and Fake Intelligence

As U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-Moon has repeated, “the use of force is only legal when it is in self-defense or with a U.N. Security Council authorization”. If the Obama administration does not want to abide by the U.N. Charter, it should leave the United Nations and join the club of rogue states.

Mark H. Gaffney – Syria “Wag the Dog”. Towards a Major Mideast War?

The root problem is the vacuum of leadership in Washington. In blunt language, Obama is a spineless wimp, incapable of standing up to Israel and the Saudis, let alone Wall Street and the US war machine. This is why the tail wags the dog, i.e., why official policy is subordinated to the agenda of banksters, industrialists, and foreign governments.

Längre intervju med William Engdahl – redicecreations.com – War in Syria & Manufactured Conflicts

Tony Cartalucci – US Planned Syrian Civilian Catastrophe Since 2007

while the UN and nations across the West feign shock over the growing humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in and around Syria, the goal of a violent sectarian conflict and its predictable, catastrophic results along with calls to literally ”bleed” Syria have been the underlying strategy of special interests in the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and their regional partners since at least 2007.

What we are witnessing in Syria today is the direct result of a documented conspiracy, not by a ”brutal Syrian regime” ”oppressing” its own people, but of a US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia radicalizing, arming, and unleashing a sectarian tidal wave they knew well ahead of time would cause atrocities, genocide, mass displacements and even the geopolitical partitioning of Syria and beyond. The intentional destabilization of the region is meant to weaken Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and Iraq – and even Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and others – to accomplish what the depleted, impotent US and Israeli forces could not achieve. Military intervention now seeks to tip the balance of an already teetering region.
The attacks on Syria are not humanitarian by any measure. They are simply the latest stage of a long-running plan to divide and destroy the region, leaving the West the sole regional hegemonic power.

larouche.se – Obamas Syrienanfall stoppades av militärens myteri, interna och internationella protester (på engelska)

proletaren.se – ”USA har ingen rätt att anfalla Syrien”

– I över två års tid har många syrier dött på grund av USA-tränade krypskyttar, USA-stödda jihadister och vapen levererade av USA. Om Syrien attackeras kommer al-Qaida att vara nöjda över att amerikanska styrkor slåss tillsammans med dem, säger Aliaa Mahfouz Ali.

Sen kan man försöka gissa varför de dresserade medierna publicerar ett sånt här inslag idag!
sverigesradio.se – Invånare i Damaskus: Rebellerna bakom attacken

Människor här tycker inte att det är logiskt. För det första tajmingen, varför skulle regimen använda kemiska vapen när FN:s vapeninspektörer var i landet? Dessutom var regeringsarmén på stark frammarsch i Damaskusområdet när de förmodade kemvapenattackerna skedde, så något behov att ta till kemiska vapen fanns inte.
För det tredje har ett ryskt undersökningsteam som granskat en påstådd kemvapenattack utanför Aleppo tidigare i år, kommit fram till att det då var rebellstyrkor som använde kemiska stridsmedel.
Därför tror de flesta i centrala Damaskus att det var rebellerna som låg bakom också attackerna för två veckor sedan.
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