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telegraph.co.uk –Bashar al-Assad interview: ‘Show me the proof of regime chemical attack’ – hela intervjun utskriven på engelska – sana.sy

Bashar al-Assad challenged the West to provide ”the slightest proof” he has used chemical weapons against his people in his first reaction to allegations that his forces killed more than 1,400 people in a gas attack on August 21.
The Syrian president issued a dire warning that any Western military intervention could lead to ”regional war” and would harm ”the interests of France”.
”Whoever accuses must provide proof. We have challenged the United States and France to provide the slightest proof. (US President Barack) Obama and (French president François) Hollande have been incapable (of doing so) even to their own people,” Assad told French newspaper Le Figaro in an exclusive interview.
He questioned the ”logic” of claims that his forces carried the August 21 attack outside Damascus, which the US said killed 1,429 people.
”Supposing our army wishes to use weapons of mass destruction. Is it possible that it would do so in a zone where it is located and where (our) soldiers were wounded by these arms, as United Nations inspectors have noted during visits to hospitals where they were treated? Where is the logic?,” he asked.

Den här versionen låter sannolik – english.al-akhbar.com – Ibrahim al-Amin – The Full Story on Why Obama Backed Down on Syria

The story starts shortly before the Israeli-Saudi intelligence operation that engineered the chemical attack near the Syrian capital. The Americans and Europeans had begun negotiating with the Russians and the Iranians for a political settlement, after having failed to remove the regime by force. The West’s only condition was that Bashar al-Assad would not be part of the solution, even proposing to Moscow that they would be willing to allow the Syrian president to pick a successor of his own choosing.
When the Russians – after extensive discussions with their allies – told Washington that it was difficult to accept such a condition, the West turned to Plan B, which was to raise the level of military support for the opposition and reorganize the armed groups fighting against the regime, allowing Saudi Arabia to take the lead in mobilizing them to up the ante on Damascus.
The goal was to squeeze Assad by launching major offensives from both the north and the south of the country, in addition to wreaking havoc on Hezbollah on its home ground and providing more appealing incentives for Syrian army officers to defect.
In the meantime, the regime and its allies were already in the process of consolidating military gains on a number of fronts by expanding the area under government control, particularly in the area around Damascus. One such operation was to be launched on the eve of the chemical attack on August 20 against opposition forces to the south and east of the capital.
After the opposition was quickly routed in the north as it tried to sweep through the coastal Latakia region, many of their regional and international backers understood that the only way to bring about a qualitative change on the ground was by drawing the West into a direct foreign military intervention in Syria – but a justification was necessary to prompt Washington to act.
It was for this reason that the “chemical massacre” in the Ghouta area around Damascus was carried out, most likely at the hands of the Saudi and Israeli intelligence. Barely an hour had passed before the orchestrated media campaign to get Assad was in full swing, followed by condemnations and threats from Western capitals.

The results of round one of this global confrontation in Syria provide yet another indicator that the days when the US can call the shots, without regard for the rest of the world, are on their way to becoming a relic of history.

Christof Lehmann – USS Nimitz Carrier Group ready for War on Syria

voiceofrussia.com – West’s Syria chemical attack claims ‘absolutely don’t convince’ Russia – Lavrov

Russia is totally unconvinced by the evidence presented by the United States and its allies of an alleged chemical attack outside Damascus that the West says was perpetrated by the regime, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.
”What we were shown before and most recently by our American partners as well the British and the French absolutely does not convince us,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a university lecture, adding there were ”many doubts” about images of the alleged attack posted on the Internet.

Lavrov: Rebels in Syria inspired by American actions

Rebel Rousing: Possible US military strikes leave Syrians unfazed

Press TV – British govt. urged to learn lessons from past invasions

A big protest gathering has been in London to highlight huge popular opposition to Britain’s military intervention in Syria.

Russia Today – Only ‘diplomatic support’: UK Foreign Secretary says Syria military action ruled out

Thierry Meyssan – Enlightenment against colonialism

The events that we have experienced since August 21 (announcement of the Allied bombing of Syria rejected by the House of Commons ) are not a competition between major colonial powers, but mark the Western peoples’ revolt against their leaders. For Thierry Meyssan, Westerners now face their contradictions: exploiting the rest of the world under their rule or live in peace under the rule of reason.

Ismail Salami – US diabolical design for Syria

Whilst the Western media are brandishing the blade of blame at the Syrian government, other independent sources claim the rebels are to blame as they improperly used the chemical weapons provided to them via Saudi intelligence boss and mastermind of political mayhem in the region Bandar bin Sultan AKA Bandar Bush.

Seyyed Mohammad Sadeq Kharrazi – Chemical Catastrophe in Damascus

The Middle East region is currently contaminated with blood and violence, horror and hatred. The true nature as well as the reasons behind the ongoing developments should be considered within the framework of covert and overt realities of the region.

Press TV – Obama told Netanyahu of plan on Syria before public announcement: Officials

globalresearch.ca – Are Spy Agencies Once Again Lying … this Time to Justify War Against Syria?

globalresearch.ca – Yes, the Syrian Rebels DO Have Access to Chemical Weapons

Max Blumenthal – Dubious Intelligence and Iran Blackmail: How Israel is driving the US to War in Syria

globalresearch.ca – Fake Media Reports on the Use of Sarin. Evidence Is Inconclusive

Norman Solomon – Obama Will Launch a Huge Propaganda Blitz — and May Attack Syria Even If He Loses the Vote in Congress

Bill Van Auken – US on Brink of Launching War against Syria based on Lies

Press TV – Americans do not buy US intelligence on Syria: Jim W. Dean

Stephen Lendman – Israeli Lobby Targets Syria and Iran

Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War? från globalresearch.ca och corbettreport.com (där programmet även kan laddas ner som mp3)


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