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Låter sannolikt det Tony Cartalucci säger, att beräkningen är att provocera fram en ursäkt för att även ge sig på Iran. När strategin med att låta köpta legokrigare göra jobbet har misslyckats, får man göra det själva. Och det yttersta målet har hela tiden varit Iran – Real meaning of Syria ”limited strikes”

It is then revealed that the term ”limited strikes” is a euphemism for ”attempted provocations” to intentionally initiate a wider conflict. While the Brookings document refers to Iran, it is clear that if the West is to topple the Syrian government now with its proxy forces already spent, it will have to do so itself with a military campaign exceeding the currently planned ”limited strikes.” Additionally, realizing there is virtually no support for a war with either Syria or Iran, special interests across the West are attempting to tangle the world in this lethal conflict by disingenuously proposing, at first, something relatively benign they believe they can get away with even without popular support.
Western special interests hope that a Syrian response and the death of American and/or Israeli troops – perhaps the sinking of a US ship or the loss of multiple US aircraft – will turn the 9% approval rating for their premeditated assault on Syria into an overwhelming baying for blood across the West’s populations. Failing to elicit a response from Syria, this may be accomplished with false flag attacks, as was the case in the Gulf of Tonkin incident at the onset of the Vietnam War.
Understanding that the intentional endangerment and death of US troops and their allied counterparts is part of initiating an otherwise impossible wider war, inoculates much of an already war-weary Western population from the ”rally around the flag” effect Western special interests are depending on to re-energize their failed Middle East adventure.

Scott Creighton – New York Times Puts Launch Point of Chem Weapons Rockets Inside Rebel Contested Area

The New York Times is attempting to bolster John Kerry’s baseless claim that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on their own people and in doing so, they seem to have provided some hard evidence to the contrary.
Combine that with recent images and video of the FSA “rebels” making and using 120mm mortar rounds in Syria and you have compelling evidence that if chemical weapons were used in Syria, then it was the US backed “rebels” who did it and not the Assad regime.

almanar.com.lb – Moallem: We Dare Anyone to Reveal Evidence that Damascus Used Chemical Weapons

Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Al-Moallem, held a press conference on Tuesday, in which he assured that it was of Syria’s national interest to reveal the truth about what happened in eastern Ghouta, pointing out that US secretary of State, John Kerry, had called him on Thursday after two years and a half of rupture, and that the phone call was “friendly”.

He also asserted that “the timing of the chemical issue was the result of our Armed Forces’ victories and strikes in Ghouta,” adding that “evidence on the militants’ use of chemical weapons, specifically in Ghouta, are available with us, but we will reveal them in the appropriate time.”
“The first time we called for a UN delegation to visit Syria and witness the evidence on the opposition’s use of chemical weapons; it took them five months to come. In these five months, the opposition attacked Khan Al-Assal, dug the graves of the victims of chemical weapons, and hid their bodies.”

Christof Lehmann – Greater Middle East War May Be Imminent. West Builds Up for Syria War

A Palestinian intelligence source has warned already in June and July that a large scale military attack on Syria was planned for August and September, using large scale chemical weapons use as a pretext. Iran warns Washington not to cross the red line in Syria. Israel considers a limited war on Syria possible. Russia warns against grave mistakes. A wider Middle East war with global consequences may be imminent.

Russia calls on West to “Be Reasonable” regarding Syria

Paul Craig Roberts – Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making

The war criminals in Washington and other Western capitals are determined to maintain their lie that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. Having failed in efforts to intimidate the UN chemical inspectors in Syria, Washington has demanded that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon withdraw the chemical weapons inspectors before they can assess the evidence and make their report. The UN Secretary General stood up to the Washington war criminals and rejected their demand.
The US and UK governments have revealed none of the ”conclusive evidence” they claim to have that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. Listening to their voices, observing their body language, and looking into their eyes, it is completely obvious that John Kerry and his British and German puppets are lying through their teeth. This is a far more shameful situation than the massive lies that former Secretary of State Colin Powell told the UN about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Colin Powell claims that he was deceived by the White House and did not know that he was lying. Kerry and the British, French, and German puppets know full well that they are lying.
The face that the West presents to the world is the brazen face of a liar.

Indeed, one reason for the rush to war is to prevent the UN inspection that Washington knows would disprove its claim and possibly implicate Washington in the false flag attack by the ”rebels,” who assembled a large number of children into one area to be chemically murdered with the blame pinned by Washington on the Syrian government.

The Syrian government, knowing that it is not responsible for the chemical weapons incident, has agreed for the UN to send in chemical inspectors to determine the substance used and the method of delivery. However, Washington has declared that it is ”too late” for UN inspectors and that Washington accepts the self-serving claim of the al Qaeda affiliated ”rebels” that the Syrian government attacked civilians with chemical weapons. See also here.
In an attempt to prevent the UN chemical inspectors who arrived on the scene from doing their work, the inspectors were fired upon by snipers in ”rebel” held territory and forced off site, although a later report from RT says the inspectors have returned to the site to conduct their inspection.

Pepe Escobar – Obama set for holy Tomahawk war

The Obama administration has ruled that Assad allowed UN chemical weapons inspectors into Syria, and to celebrate their arrival unleashed a chemical weapons attack mostly against women and children only 15 kilometers away from the inspectors’ hotel. If you don’t believe it, you subscribe to a conspiracy theory.

Press TV – Syria situation incredibly serious: Franklin Lamb
Michael Collins – A rush to judgment is a rush to war
shoebat.com – Evidence: Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons (not Assad)
wsws.org – John Kerry’s “Colin Powell moment”
Huffington Post – Hans Blix: Whether Obama in Syria or Bush in Iraq, The US Is Not the World Police
Colin Todhunter – War on Syria and the West’s Skin-Deep Morality
globalresearch.ca – Evidence Indicates that Syrian Government Did Not Launch a Chemical Weapon Attack Against Its People
kristofferhell.net – Nervgasattacken mot Ghouta en gigantisk lögn – här är bevisen
jinge.se – USA:s angreppskrig mot SyrienObama i GW Bush och Cheneys fotspår – förbereder folkrättsvidrigt krig mot Syrien -brott mot FN-stadgan

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Något som uppges komma från Pepe Escobar på facebook

Khalil Harb, of Lebanese paper As-Safir, confirmed a few minutes ago to my great friend Claudio Gallo an article published in Arabic two days ago, quoting a Russian source.
According to the source, Russia’s ambassador in the UN Security Council, Vitaly Churkin, presented conclusive evidence – based on documents and Russian satellite images – of two rockets carrying toxic chemicals, fired from Douma, controlled by the Syrian ”rebels”, and landing on East Ghouta. Hundreds of ”rebels”, as well as civilians – including those children on the cover of Western corporate media papers – were killed. The evidence, says the Russian source, is conclusive. This is what Lavrov himself was hinting at yesterday. And that’s the reason there’s no UN Security Council resolution against Syria, and why Washington does not want the inspectors to find anything.

Ryssland skulle alltså ha övertygande bevisning om att missilerna i onsdags, som påstås ha innehållit stridsgas, ska ha avfyrats från rebellkontrollerat område. Det förklarar i så fall varför USA/väst har så bråttom att piska upp stämningen och genomföra ett angrepp innan sanningen kommer fram om vad som skedde, och att man försöker tona ner vikten av vad FN-delegationen skulle kunna finna i områdena för attackerna.
Men varför går inte Ryssland ut med detta hårdare i så fall? I det hotfulla läge som råder, innan det är för sent.

infowars.com – US Attempts to Sabotage UN Chemical Weapons Investigation

Press TV – Syria chemical visit postponed for safety: UN – sr.se – FN-inspektörer väntar till onsdag

slut på uppdateringen ________________________

Vad finns det för möjligheter för de makter som har skapat den situation som råder, att backa och dra sig ur, om man skulle vilja det? I och för sig, det hela handlar till största delen om en teaterföreställning, youtube-videor, påståenden, psykologisk krigföring i medierna och sliskiga tal som Kerrys (som det länkas till nedan), manipulerande, förljugna, ner till minsta ordval beräknande i avsikt att inför medborgare rättfärdiga ännu ett brott mot mänskligheten.
Den skapade cyber-verkligheten är tänjbar och lätt att ändra, men skulle man kunna låta den uppskruvade stämningen lägga sig och undvika en farlig upptrappning av kriget?
En FN-delegation anlände till Syrien för en vecka sedan, för att undersöka bevis om en attack med kemiska vapen som ägde rum i mars i år (och två andra incidenter där det påstods att kemiska vapen hade använts). Syriens regering menar att de väpnde gängen låg bakom den, och Ryssland sade sig ha bevis för det. Just då, på onsdagsmorgonen förra veckan, inträffar då händelsen som beskrivs som en omfattande kemisk attack i en förort till Damaskus. Vad som verkligen hände är fortfarande mycket osäkert. Precis som det varit under hela konflikten handar det mycket om youtube-videor som påstås visa på grymheter från syriska regeringens sida. Av de nu aktuella tycks vissa vara uppladdade innan attacken ägde rum, och de skulle kunna vara producerade på annat håll i förväg.
Plötsligt har FN-delegationens ursprungliga uppdrag flyttats till bakgrunden, och när de igår beger sig till områdena för förra veckans händelser (som kontrolleras av de väpnade gängen) blir de beskjutna. USA tycker att FN-personalen ska vända om och ge upp! Men de skaffar en ny bil och fortsätter sitt uppdrag. USA/väst har också sagt att det gått för lång tid för att eventuella bevis ska ha någon avgörande betydelse! Nog ser det ut som de är lite ängsliga att det ska avslöjas vad som egentligen skett. Men de litar fortfarande på att de ska kunna styra vilken verklighetsbeskrivning som gäller med hjälp av media- och hjärntvättsmaskinen.
Så, om man förutsätter att det som pågår handlar om en false flag-operation (som det nästan alltid gör när man vill starta krig) och USA/väst av någon anledning skulle vilja backa, kan man det? Jag menar, man har byggt in sig i ett så högt torn av lögner att man kanske inte har någon annan möjlighet än att fortsätta den vansinniga vägen framåt, mot ett krig som kan utvecklas till ett storkrig, ett hot mot den mänskliga civilisationen. Annars skulle det avslöjas att de väststödda väpnade gängen ligger bakom en attack med kemiska vapen, och västmakterna är inblandade i brottet, från organisationer som CIA/Mossad och liknande, till politiker och medier.
Skulle man kunna komma överens med Ryssland om att det inte gick att reda ut vad som egentligen hände förra veckan?

Fler kommentarer om Kerrys tal igår – Scott Creighton – The Moral Obscenity of John Kerry’s Chemical Weapons Speech

Keep in mind, the foreign fighters in Syria attempting to destabilize the nation, are there on behalf of Western interests. We are training and equipping these terrorists. They are, for all intents and purposes, the proxy terrorists of the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and a handful of other interested nations.
In light of the fact that the UN inspectors did not turn tail and run as they were supposed to, Sec. of State Kerry gave a rather ridiculous speech in an effort to turn up the heat on Syria and create a rush to go to war.
And now, the speech itself (video below):
For his performance (and that’s all you can call it) Sec. Kerry summed up all of the righteous indignation he could muster as he spewed forth one of the most stunningly hypocritical and morally vapid monologues I have heard in recent times

En bra kommentar av Annika Gullberg på facebook –

Äcklad hör jag Kerry tala om hur man måste värna om ”the most vulnerable people” genom att attackera Syrien… De mest sårbara var minsann inget som USA och NATO tog minsta hänsyn till när man använde sina kemiska stridsmedel i Fallujah, Irak… Förutom alla som dödades vid själva attacken så föds idag de mest ”innocent and vulnerable” små bebisar med helt obeskrivliga fosterskador till följd av USA:s krigsbrott. USA:s styrande är världens mest hycklande massmördare!!!

voiceofrussia.com – Use of force against Syria can have ‘catastrophic consequences’ – Russia

Russia on Tuesday warned a military intervention in Syria could have ”catastrophic consequences” for the region and called on the international community to show ”prudence” over the crisis.
”Attempts to bypass the Security Council, once again to create artificial groundless excuses for a military intervention in the region are fraught with new suffering in Syria and catastrophic consequences for other countries of the Middle East and North Africa,” the foreign ministry said.
“We are urging our American colleagues and the entire international community to yield to reason and act in strict compliance with international law and the founding principles of the UN Charter,” the diplomat said.

voiceofrussia.com – Signs of activity spotted at British airbase in Cyprus amid escalating Syrian crisis

Press TV – West, Arab leaders reach ‘consensus’ on Syria attack

Western and Arab leaders have reached a “consensus” on a military intervention in Syria over accusations that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons.

Press TV – Israel will be first victim of US military action against Syria: Iran official

Intervju med Christof Lehmann – US has controversial evidence of chemical weapon use in Syria – expert

Christof Lehmann – Lavrov warns against NATO Military Action as UN Inspectors were Targeted by Snipers

The Syrian government and the United Nations stated that unknown assailants have opened fire on members of the UN Team tasked with investigating the alleged chemical weapons use in the Damascus suburb Ghouta.
Contrary to initial reports, the attack did not prevent the UN Team to begin its investigation. The event prompted an emergency press conference with Russia´s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
Lavrov warned against the NATO threat of military action against Syria without a UN mandate, stressed the build-up of military force against Syria and stated that a military aggression would be illegitimate and that it would be a terrible mistake.

Brewing Storm: ‘Western military intervention will worsen Syria’, Lode Vanoost in Brussels – a journalist who’s widely-covered events in Syria, and who is also a former deputy speaker of Belguim’s parliament joins RT

Muscle-Flexing: UK deploys warplanes in Cyprus, 100km from Syria

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