24 aug

islamicinvitationturkey.com – Syria’s Al-Ghouta Crime: The Real Story of Liwaa al-Islam Chemical Rockets

Why were the Europeans and Americans hesitant to take an action against Syria in the United Nations Security Council, in the alleged Syrian use of chemical weapons in Ghouta?
Arab sources suggest that the US and Western missions had received the real story of chemical weapons. The story wasn’t officially distributed, but it is supported by Russian documents and satellite images of the battlefield, and Ghouta.
According to sources, the Russian delegation presented the documents during a UNSC meeting Friday. During the meeting, the Americans did not file any documents that contradict the Russian documents, given that the US satellites have come to similar conclusions: the opposition had fired the chemical rockets.
This comes as the Syrian representative to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari returned quickly from Damascus to New York on to provide the evidences that support the Russian stance.

Press TV – US will not attack Syria without UN mandate: Obama

President Barack Obama says the United States cannot attack Syria without a UN mandate for the allegations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons.
”If the US goes in and attacks another country without a UN mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented, then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it. Do we have the coalition to make it work? And, you know, those are considerations that we have to take into account,” he said in an interview with CNN on Friday.

voiceofrussia.com – Chemical weapons as “black PR”

So far, there is no evidence confirming that it was indeed a chemical weapons attack – nothing except allegations by Arab TV channels that it killed between 500 and 1,200 people, something that the Syrian government vehemently denied as a yet another provocation by anti-Assad militants.
At the UN Security Council, Russia and China blocked an attempt to lay the responsibility for the attack on the Bashar al-Assad regime and urged a thorough UN investigation into all the circumstances of the incident.

Stephen Gowans – Accusations Continue, But Still No Evidence of a Syrian Military Gas Attack

And given that the US president claimed chemical weapons use by the Syrian military would be a red line, the rebels have a motivation to stage a sarin attack and blame it on government forces to bring the United States into the conflict more forcefully on their side.
For the Syrian government, however, the calculus is entirely different. Using chemical weapons would simply hand the United States a pretext to more muscularly intervene in Syria’s internal affairs. Since this is decidedly against Damascus’s interests, we should be skeptical of any claim that the Syrian government is defying Obama’s red line.

Manuel Ochsenreiter on RT about the reports of chemical attack in Syria

Manuel Ochsenreiter – Davutoglu & Fabius: The Chemical Brothers

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