20 aug

Press TV – Syria Army recaptures most of Latakia province, kills scores of militants

voiceofrussia.com – Chemical weapons in Syria: ‘UN inspection is a dire necessity for Damascus’ – expert

The United Nations demands that all parties involved in the conflict in Syria should grant chemical weapons experts access to the sites of alleged attacks on the Syrian territory, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said. According to him, a team of UN experts led by a Swedish scientist, Oke Selstremom, started its work in Syria on Monday, August 20th. The UN experts are expected to stay in Syria within a period of two weeks. However, under agreement with Damascus, this term may be extended. The Voice of Russia discussed the expedition with renowned military experts.

atimes.com – M K Bhadrakumar (served as a career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service for over 29 years) – Egypt’s Sisi banishes wild dogs

Erdogan knows that Obama has his hands full with Egypt for the rest of his term in the White House, which means the US is being forced into a virtual disengagement from the Syrian project. At any rate, this is not the best of times to push for ”regime change” in the Middle East.
In sum, Erdogan understands perfectly well that Moscow sizes up that the tide has turned in Syria.
The blistering propaganda campaign from Moscow regarding the specter of al-Qaeda raising its hood in Syria has registered in Western consciousness, and meanwhile, Bashar al-Assad is pressing home the advantage on the battlefield and is edging closer than ever to getting re-elected as Syria’s president in the 2014 poll.

Christof Lehmann – August – September War on Syria has begun. 30.000 Flee Kurdish Region

Over 30.000 refugees from Syria´s northern, predominantly Kurdish region have fled to the Kurdish Administrated Region of Iraq over the last days, informs the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Since the beginning of August, the region has been under sustained attacks from Western- and Gulf Arab-backed al-Qaeda brigades, including Jabhat al-Nusrah and The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.
Foreign-backed insurgents in Southern Syria have received major arms deliveries from Saudi Arabia via Jordan, including advanced Konkurs anti-tank missiles, while the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin E. Dempsey visited the Hashemite Kingdon.
The renewed campaign in Northern Syria and the expected major campaign in the South have been systematically prepared while the United States and allies have stalled Russian and Syrian initiatives to hold the international conference on Syria in Geneva.

Christof Lehmann – Belgium: No more Syria Jihad on Social Welfare

Belgian authorities in the cities of Antwerp and Vilvoorde have decided to impose economic sanctions on Belgians who receive social welfare or unemployment benefits while waging so-called “Holy War” in Syria.
Spokespersons of the administrations of the Belgian cities of Antwerp and Vilvoorde have stated, that the economic sanctions, as far as they are aware of, will affect 29 Belgian citizens who are currently known to be fighting alongside armed insurgent and terrorist groups in Syria. The cities spokespersons explain, that the economic measures are being implemented in an attempt to dissuade Belgians from heading to Syria and to sanction those who are fighting alongside the armed groups there.
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