18 aug

Christof Lehmann – Western-Gulf Intelligence Coordinate Major Arms Delivery to Syria

A major weapons delivery from Saudi Arabia has recently been provided for armed terrorist groups in southern Syria. The Syrian “opposition”, as well as Western diplomatic and intelligence sources admitted, that the weapons delivery via Saudi Arabia has taken place in direct coordination with U.S. Intelligence.
The Reuters news agency disseminates information that lends apparent legitimacy to the illegal arms deliveries. The US, Saudi and Jordanian political and military leadership is, according to international law, directly responsible for crimes committed in Syria.

hmm, vad kan det betyda? FN-delegationen som nu anlänt till Syrien ska bara försöka klargöra om kemiska vapen använts, inte vem som använt dom. För att sen lämna över åt västmedierna att skapa en lämplig föreställning av det hela?
voiceofrussia.com – UN chemical weapon experts arrives in Syria

The U.N. team, including weapons experts from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, will try to establish only whether chemical weapons including sarin and other toxic nerve agents were used, not who used them.

sana.sy – Moscow: The US is changing facts by saying Syria is unwilling to participate in the international conference

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, said the US is turning the facts upside down by saying that the leadership in Syria is not willing to participate in the international conference due to be held on Syria in Geneva without preconditions.
In a press conference in Moscow on Friday, Lukashevich voiced Russia’s hope to conduct an accurate and objective investigation into the possibility that chemical weapons were used in Syria.
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