16 aug

Christof Lehmann – Western-Backed “Freedom Fighters” Executed Syrian Children

Western and Gulf-Arab backed “Freedom Fighters” of the al-Qaeda linked “The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” publicly executed two children who were not older than 13 years-old, in Aleppo. Syria´s Prime Minister al-Halqi describes the attempted subversion of Syria as “Global War against Syria, aimed at dividing the Arab Nation”. Meanwhile, Russia rebuts Western claims that Syria was unwilling to participate in the international conference on Syria, saying ” The US is turning things upside down”, and reiterates Syria´s eagerness to have the use of chemical weapons thoroughly investigated.
As the Western and Gulf-Arab sponsored terrorists in Syria are suffering military defeat, the chain of outrageous crimes against unarmed civilians and attempts to substitute military capability with sheer terror does not seem to end.
Systematic war crimes, apparently the more grotesque the better are being committed. Videos are being distributed in the apparent attempts to scare the population into submission. Meanwhile, Western and Gulf-Arab mainstream media continue justifying their governments support of “the opposition”, while positioning the government and the armed forces of Syria as war criminals and oppressors.
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