12 aug

voiceofrussia.com – Russian, US diplomats to discuss preparations for Geneva-2 conference on Syria later this month

”The parameters and dates of the meeting on Syria are under discussion. Most likely, it will take place at deputy minister level in the Russia-U.S. format right at the end of August. We are still discussing the venue, it’ll probably be one of the European capitals. It’s unlikely that it’ll be Geneva,” Gatilov told Interfax.
Asked why Syria hadn’t been invited to the planned Russian-American meeting, he said: ”The aim of this meeting is to bilaterally compare our positions on organizing the conference. We’ll discuss the entire range of issues relating to it.”

sana.sy – Lavrov, Brahimi stress importance of dialogue to resolve crisis in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi reiterated the importance of dialogue among all sides in Syria without preconditions in order to end violence and resolve the crisis in the country.
In a statement on Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Lavrov and Brahimi discussed in a phone call the prospects of convening the international conference on Syria and exchanged viewpoints regarding a political and diplomatic settlement in Syria.

Thierry Meyssan – Obama Pouting Putin

While the Western media describes the cancellation of the Obama-Putin summit as the most serious diplomatic crisis since the end of the Cold War and it applauds the firmness of the White House, the Chinese press sees it as a sign of weakness on the part of the United States vis à vis Russia. For Thierry Meyssan, the affair is of little fundamental importance. It is media posturing and will have no impact on peace in the Middle East

Christof Lehmann – Al-Qaeda Campaign against Syrian Kurds Part of August September War on Syria

An increase in violence and attacks in the predominantly Kurdish region of northern Syria elicits international and regional responses. The President of Iraq´s Kurdish Administrated Region, Massoud Barzani, calls for an investigation.
Clashes between brigades of the Free Syrian Army and the al-Qaeda associated Jabhat al-Nusrah in the region intensify, while the Syrian Arab Army conducts successful counterinsurgency operations the region’s capital Deir Ez-Zor.
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