11 aug

Om mötet mellan Saudiarabien och Ryssland, som togs upp i inläggen den 6 och 7 aug nedan, och om de olika versioner som givits av detta…
voltairenet.org – Russia refutes Reuters claim regarding the Putin-Ben Sultan meeting

Russia denied, through the presidential counsel’s voice Iouri ouchakov, the Syrian’s opposition’s claim that she had supposedly accepted to drop Bashar el-Assad’s government, in exchange for a Saoudi order of 15 billion dollars forth of weaponry and the upkeep of european supply of russian gas.
The polemic had swelled after the publication of a chronicle of Thierry Meyssan, giving a much different outlook on the meeting between Vladimir Poutine and the prince Bandar Bin Sultan. [1].

Patrick Cockburn – Violence is one thing, but what causes real terror is the threat of kidnapping

Kidnappings in Syria contribute far more to the atmosphere of insecurity and instability than is generally appreciated by non-Syrians. They are crimes that take place in the shadows, as both perpetrators and victims have an interest in keeping them secret.
Over the past year, they have become big business and everybody is vulnerable, particularly families with money since most abductions are carried out by criminal gangs working for profit.

Phil Greaves – CIA Gun-running, Qatar-Libya-Syria

Uncovering the chain of events that led to the attack on the US “consulate”, and the variety of militia the US and its allies were arming in Libya; could in turn reveal the full extent of the Obama administrations’ support of extremist proxy-forces in Syria. Which may explain the administrations’ zealous attempts to stifle any debate or serious questioning of the events that surround Benghazi.

voiceofrussia.com – The US only cares about expanding the empire and Israel

On the surface, recent comments by the Deputy Director of the US Central Intelligence Michael Morrel seem to point to a shift in U.S. policy towards Syria and an admission to the failure of the United States in their War on Terror and against al-Qaeda and their funding, supporting and arming of extremist elements in Syria who have been fighting to overthrow the elected president of the country. Renown author and U.S. foreign policy critic William Blum characterizes U.S. policy on Syria as just a continuation of endless absurdity.

proletaren.se – ”Extremisterna tog snabbt över”, Vittnesmål direkt från Syrienkonflikten

När demonstrationerna i Syrien inleddes mars 2011 var engelskläraren Aliaa Mahfouz Ali positiv. Hon trodde att de kunde föra något gott med sig. Men snart blev hon medveten om de fundamentalistiska krafter som dominerade proteströrelsen och som sedan dess terroriserat Syrien.

Syrian army, NDF battling insurgents in Lattakia

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