8 aug

Christof Lehmann – EU/US Al-Qaeda Massacres on Kurds for Oil and Secession

The CIA/NATO recruitment network for mercenaries, al-Qaeda, does not fail to deliver much needed mercenaries for the destabilization of the Syrian Kurdish region, from where the European Union plans to import oil.

The successful implementation of counterinsurgency strategies by the Syrian Arab Army, which in part are based on Russian experience with combating Chechen insurgents, and which has led to a state of affairs in Syria, where the insurgency will be decisively defeated within the foreseeable future, unless the anti-Syrian alliance changes strategy and implements a new campaign to secure at least one regional stronghold – the oil-rich, predominantly Kurdish region of Syria, is a primary determinant. Unless the insurgency successfully establishes a stronghold which is capable of surviving the coming winter, it is unlikely that the major military campaign against Syria can be sustained much longer.

The mass kidnapping of Syrian Kurds and the massacre of Syrian Kurds during the second half of July 2013, which sparked international condemnation, has no actual military function other than that, to create the perception of insecurity and doubts about the Syrian Arab Army´s capability to provide adequate protection for the Kurdish population of Syria.
Renewed, yet in many cases unconfirmed reports about massacres of Kurds during the first week of August 2013, the sudden increase of “unconfirmed reports” about kidnappings and summary executions of Kurds in the Kurdish region of Syria in Western and Arab mainstream media bear, together with the actual increase in the violence in the region, all the hallmarks of a Military Intelligence Support Operation, short MISO, also commonly known as PsyOp.

voiceofrussia.com – Claims of $15bn Saudi arms offer to Russia over Syria a deliberate slur – Expert

Western media reports of an alleged Saudi proposition to buy up to $15 billion worth of Russian weapons in exchange for reduced support of Bashar al-Assad’s regime aim to discredit Russia’s position on Syria, said Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Oriental Studies Vitaly Naumkin.
”Obviously, these reports are deliberate. They aim either to influence the position of the Syrian authorities or, most probably, discredit Russia, to cast doubt on the seriousness and validity of the Russian position on Syria and to create an impression that Russia may change its mind in exchange for the Saudi offers,” Naumkin said.

voiceofrussia.com – Lavrov, Kerry to discuss Syria and Snowden case on Friday – US State Dept.

english.farsnews.com – EU: Salafi Fighters in Syria Not Allowed to Return to Homelands in Europe

al-monitor.com – Syrian Rebel Forces Set Sights on Latakia

Just hours after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s speech vowing victory over the rebels and “terrorist” groups in several areas of the country, those groups have launched a major offensive on the Latakia countryside in northwest Syria, the regime’s stronghold.
The offensive, which the rebels have named ”the battle for the liberation of the Syrian Coast,” has surprised the regime forces, said a Syrian source close to the government who spoke to Al-Monitor Aug. 5 on condition of anonymity.

voltairenet.org – Simultaneous jail-break of jihadists in 9 countries

According to witnesses, theses escapes occurred after very sophisticated commando operations.
The recruitment offices of private military organizations are struggling more and more to send personnel to ’’do the jihad’’ in Syria. Hence the idea of pulling out experienced fighters. According to a reliable source, Iraqis have already arrived on the field.
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